International Dog Day: Meet the C&TH Dogs
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International Dog Day: Meet the C&TH Dogs

From cavapoos to huskies, say hello to our furry friends

Meet the C&TH dogs who kept our spirits high and our feet muddy over lockdown. 

Raffy and Lucy Cleland, editorial director

RaffyButter wouldn’t melt, right? Wrong! Give our three-year-old Border Terrier half the chance and a) his selective hearing and b) his ball obsession bordering on neurosis have us cursing under our breaths (or rather in brain shattering decibels) as we try to wrestle a purloined ball from an innocent pup or prevent him from chasing yet another speedy squirrel. But when the blood pressure has lowered, curling up on the sofa with him spreadeagled, legs akimbo, with not a care in the world, all is forgiven and he’s top dog once more. And who could resist those fluttery, whimpering sounds he emits when he’s snoozing. Makes us smile every time.

Mabel, Milly and Michael Hayman, contributing editor

Welsh Terriers Mabel and Milly are the dynamic duo. Faces of angels and characters of rascals, there is simply never a dull moment when these two are around. The breed is often described as ‘wilful’ and the pair aim to live up to that reputation in full by doing it their way, all the way! Perfect companions, they are loyal, affectionate and love nothing more than a cuddle in front of the fire.

Pepper and Ed Vaizey, culture editor

Ed Vaizey and Pepper

Luckily, we had a dog long before lockdown became a thing. Pepper is a cavapoo, she is a delight, and as all dog owners know, a member of the family and the most popular one at that. We never fall out with her. Being able to take her for walks during the first lockdown was a life saver – it gets you out of the house, away from the rest of the family, and out into the fresh air at least once a day. And she never moans about lockdown or when she can start going to parties again. It helps that she hates other dogs…

Betty and Alice B-B, editor-at-large

Alice B-B

Of course lockdown was the perfect time for a travel writer to get a puppy… And thank god for Betty – aka Mrs Woofles; our funny, bossy, nosey golden fluffball – who has both added and erased anxiety in equal measures. The homeschooling isn’t going so well. Leaping on my lap during Zooms isn’t  ideal. And I miss the bliss of my first thought in the morning NOT being – Betty needs a pee. But the flipside is the dog diet; all the walks have shaved a size off my bum.  And if ever there was a cure for my wanderlust – this is it… Thank you, Betty.

Malin and Jeremy Taylor, motoring editor

Jeremy Taylor's dog

A dog is for life – not just lockdown. Malin (you know the shipping forecast, right?) has been a constant companion for almost 14 years. He’s lived in four countries, chased a million tennis balls and is curled up at my feet now. Pre lockdown, post lockdown, only dog owners kno­­­w the wonder of unconditional love – especially if there’s a treat on offer too.

Indy and Holly Rubenstein, travel writer

Indy and Holly

Indy the cavapoo arrived midway through lockdown 3.0, and we haven’t stopped since. We waited over a year for her, while her breeder battled Covid and over 200 enquiries about puppies a day, such is the popularity of lockdown cavapoos, so we still can’t believe she’s here. Her teddy bear face is a canny disguise for her increasingly mischievous streak. Last night’s mistaking my husband’s pile of important work documents for a pee pad shows we have a lot to learn, but we couldn’t help but laugh. She has brought us immeasurable joy already.

Eddie, Diego and Carole Annett, interiors editor

Eddie and Diego, Carole's dogs

Eddie our lab was unamused at the arrival of Diego, especially the pup’s ignorance of social distancing. The beagle was relentless – chasing, kissing, pawing… a total nuisance, unfazed by indifference and the occasional growl. When Eddie finally succumbed, it melted my heart. Motto? Never give up. Even if you’re being a total pain in the arse.

Henry and Daniella Saunders, online assistant

Henry and Daniella

My boyfriend Charlie and I had been considering the idea of adopting a puppy for a while, and lockdown seemed like the perfect opportunity. Looking back, it was the best decision we ever made – we can’t begin to imagine living in a home without Henry. At six months old, our gorgeous little dachshund has become an irreplaceable part of our small family, and a joy to have had throughout lockdown – despite the chewed skirting boards, toilet training accidents, and unwarranted barking throughout important Zoom calls. None of this compares to the happiness he brings us; the joyous long lockdown walks, the blissful puppy snuggles (yes, we do let him sleep in our bed), and the weird and wonderful puppy-like things he does that leave us with continual smiles on our faces – zoomies, sofa digging, tail chasing, the list goes on.

Alfreda, Rollo (Jack Russells), Winnie (Labrador) and Ellie Rix, advertising director

Ellie Rix's dogs

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that dogs have a body-clock, which has seemingly been heightened by lockdown. Our three dogs (two ageing terriers and a young lab) have their routine and we, their servants, have to abide by it. By 2pm Winnie, the lab, has inched her way into the study and is gently nudging me with her paw to remind me that we should venture out into either the freezing cold or driving rain to feed the alpacas and go on a walk. In contrast Alfreda, the ageing terrier, prefers to be on self-appointed squirrel watch – perched on the back of the sofa luxuriating in the warmth from the radiator. Rollo, her father, initially bounds out in a fit of enthusiasm, to disperse birds and forage on top of the hay bales for the stray cat’s food, before retreating inside to lie by the AGA, where, I imagine, that he –like us – dreams of the distant memory of the sun-drenched walks of Lockdown 1.

Luna and Lauren Hartley, finance controller

Lauren and Luna

I’ve honestly loved being at home with Luna during this lockdown. Being a Husky she does have this special ability to be able to calm me down and make me smile when I need it, then immediately after stress me out by doing something she knows she shouldn’t. She constantly keeps me on my toes! She’s forced me out of the house for long walks and runs, rain or shine, which has definitely helped me feel a bit closer to ‘normal’ life and any time I’m feeling sad or overwhelmed she’s always there to (reluctantly) give me a hug. Luna helps me stick to routine as well, which has helped me massively while having to stay at home every day. We’ve also spent the last year in various lockdowns fostering other Huskies, which has been entertaining – two sets of howls when they don’t get their own way! She’s been essential to me this year, I’m so glad to have her.

Macy (Greyhound mix), Gilbert (Jack Russell) and Pandora Lewis, advertising manager

Pandora and her dogs

It is so lovely to snuggle with not one but two gorgeous pups! Little and large to meet all your cuddling requirements. It is also bliss to have two furry friends who don’t know the meaning of the C-word (that’s Covid, not that ‘c’ word)! For the dogs, life is as it always was just with a few extra treats, walks and cuddles.

Araminta (Minty) and Camilla van Praagh, publisher of School House

Minty, Camilla's dog

Minty follows me absolutely everywhere. My friends comment she is my favourite child and they are right.


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