London Eye Lit Green For Green Friday
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London Eye Lit Green For Green Friday

Reject Black Friday – it’s all about Green Friday this year

As the UK strives for ‘Green & Great Britain’, one of the nation’s most iconic landmarks, the London Eye, has turned green in celebration of Green Friday, the sustainable antithesis of Black Friday.

What Is Green Friday & How Can We Get Involved?

Why Is The London Eye Green?

The London Eye has been lit green in recognition of Green Friday, with the hope that the iconic sight will influence Brits to embrace sustainability, especially in the face of the cost-of-living and climate crises. 

An already zero-carbon electric facility, the lights are 100 percent LED, and the project is being led by The Kensa Group (ground source heat pump manufacturer and networked heat pump installer) and Merlin Entertainments

the london eye lit up green

The news follows Kensa’s new net-zero action plan, mapping how the UK can hit net-zero by 2050 through the rapid decarbonisation of heating and cooling with networked heat pumps. Kensa delivered their plan at the House of Commons earlier today (24 November) to MPs and government bodies, urging them to work together and take action to decarbonise the nation.

The plan hopes to:

  • Deliver affordable heating for the masses
  • Drastically reduce carbon emissions
  • Significantly improve air quality
  • Boost British manufacturing
  • Create almost one million jobs
  • Improve the nation’s energy security
  • Reduce our reliance on exposure to foreign markets
  • Reduce our demand on the electricity grid
  • Be achieved for the lowest societal cost and least investment

view of the london eye from st james park

Dr Matt Trewhella, CEO of The Kensa Group, said: ‘To become a Green and Great Britain, we need to think consciously about all our choices and how they can impact our progress towards net zero and support British-made goods, services and experiences. 

‘We need to do more to champion green growth, which will help boost our economy and create thousands of green jobs right here in Britain,’ Trewhella said. ‘Green Friday is a great time for reflection and an opportunity for consumers, businesses and the government to question what they are doing to help us on the road to net zero.’

Mike Vallis, Divisional Director for Midway UK at Merlin Entertainments, said: ‘We’re delighted to support Kensa’s reception by lighting up the London Eye. Sustainability sits at the heart of what Merlin Entertainments does. Our purpose is to deliver memorable experiences to millions of guests worldwide. 

‘As we expand our attractions, we recognise that reducing carbon emissions is not only the right thing to do, but it makes total business sense,’ Vallis added. ‘The Government must work with businesses to ensure the UK strengthens its energy resilience, whilst also taking steps to rapidly reduce consumption. Working together, we can accelerate on this journey to a more sustainable future. A “Green and Great Britain” can become the reality we all want it to be.’