What Does Britain Look Like? Portrait of Britain Vol 5 – Preview
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What Does Britain Look Like? Portrait of Britain Vol 5 – Preview

The fifth edition of Hoxton Mini Press' annual portrait collection is here

‘Each year that I write this intro I think to myself, “Hmm, Britain?” And then, as hard as I try not to let it, my mood slightly slumps,’ writes Martin Usborn, co-founder of Hoxton Mini Press, in his publishers’ note to Portrait of Britain Vol 5. ‘Union Jack underpants,’ he mentions, ‘Full English,’ ‘Brexit,’ ‘the turbulent collective identity crisis of recent years’… What makes Britain? What does it mean to live here? In its fifth instalment in collaboration with British Journal of PhotographyPortrait of Britain Vol 5 illustrates our nation in flux, offering the type of answers that these questions warrant: multitudes, variations, eclecticism. ‘We thrive in collaboration,’ Rachel Segal Hamilton adds in her introduction. ‘We find kinship in different places.’ Here are 10 of the 200 varied portraits found in the new book Portrait of Britain Vol 5, available to purchase now. £25, Hoxton Mini Press

The book cover

Portrait of Britain Vol 5, Hoxton Mini Press

Preview: Portrait of Britain Vol 5

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A photo of a young female football player from Portrait of Britain Vol 5

Rebecca Hayes, Victoria Park Vixens FC

by James Cannon

Hackney Marshes, London

The team epitomise what it is to be part of the grassroots football scene in London. They’re fun, friendly and passionate about playing. I got to know the squad between lockdowns; it was a time when we appreciated just how vital a role sport plays in our everyday lives.

An image of a man at Pride from Portrait of Britain Vol 5

Jonny Goode At Pride

by Gabrielle Motola

Margate, Kent

‘Face full of makeup. 30-degree heat. Trying to find the suitcase with my evening wear in… That’s when she stopped me for a photo. I thought I had come across as a total bitch, but I don’t see that in the shot. I do see determination, though… Determination to find my BLASTED suitcase.’

An image of a man in African clothing on an English hillside, from Portrait of Britain Vol 5


by Olufemi Olaiya

Buster Hill, Petersfield, Hampshire

I created this series to remember the sacrifice made by African soldiers in the First and Second World Wars. Regardless of their culture, beliefs and religion, they fought to protect the British Empire and its interests.

Three women making coffee, taken from Portrait of Britain Vol 5

Coffee Mornings

by Angela Christofilou


My grandma and her two friends taking a coffee break during a game of bingo at the church.

A portrait of a Ukrainian girl from Portrait of Britain Vol 5


by Joe Short

Bath, Somerset

Ukrainian Viktoriia was 18 when she came to live with us following the Russian invasion. Her family are all serving in the military back at home. I think we have learnt far more from her than she has from us.

A girl in a hijab and boxing gloves, from Portrait of Britain Vol 5

Amelia, Fearless MMA, Balsall Heath

by Jaskirt Dhaliwal-Boora


‘I do Thai boxing, and won the Midlands championship. My family comes to watch when I fight. I like to do Thai Boxing because it helps me when I get bullied – I can defend myself.’

A portrait of Alison Martinu from Portrait of Britain Vol 5

The Ordinary Life Of Alison Martinu

by Lisa Carletta

Newcastle upon Tyne

‘Very few of us are in a position to integrate both aspects of ourselves into our everyday lives. Most heterosexual cross-dressers find their partners do not accept their inclinations and have to keep the whole thing secret.’

A picture of a mother and daughter from Portrait of Britain Vol 5

Kenneatha & Keziah

by Caitlin Chescoe

Wanstead Flats, London

I wanted to document how people use Wanstead Flats Through the seasons, and met Kenneatha and Keziah at the fair in summer. Keziah had wanted them to dress alike and spend some mother-and-daughter time together.

A sleeping police officer, from Portrait of Britain Vol 5

Sharon Baker

by Allie Crewe


Sharon is one of the few female senior police officers in the country. She stands for change in the force, particularly when tackling corruption and domestic violence. We shot this at her home; I asked where she rests and recharges, and she said this was her favourite space.

A portrait of a 100 year old woman from Portrait of Britain Vol 5


by Steve Reeves


Gay remembers Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, and worked in the offices of the Mayfair couturier who dressed the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting. Gay turned 100 on the day that the Queen died, but she still got her birthday card.

Portrait of Britain Vol 5 is available now. £25, Hoxton Mini Press