Punchdrunk Announces New Immersive Show
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Punchdrunk Announces New Immersive Show

Viola's Room is a rework of one of Punchdrunk's early productions

Immersive theatre company Punchdrunk’s most recent show The Burnt City was a huge hit, transporting audiences to the fallen city of Troy in a large-scale saga based on Greek mythology. And now fans have a new show to get excited about: Viola’s Room, a ‘moonlit fever dream’ inspired by an obscure horror story by Edwardian writer Barry Pain.

Viola’s Room: What To Expect

Set to launch at Punchdrunk’s Woolwich HQ this May, Viola’s Room is a reworking of one of its early theatre productions, which ran 24 years ago and was only seen by four people. Written by Booker Prize-nominated writer Daisy Johnson, the new show reimagines Pain’s 1901 gothic mystery The Moon-Slave, which tells the story of a princess drawn to an ancient maze, who sells her soul to the moon in exchange for music.

The tale is being retold as an ‘intimate, linear, audio-driven adventure that promises to suffuse the dreams of those who dare to follow the light.’ In groups of up to six at a time, audience members will be invited to remove their shoes, don headphones and feel their way through a maze-like installation, guided by an unseen narrator. 

Punchdrunk The Burnt City

The Burnt City

Founded back in 2000 by Felix Barrett, Punchdrunk was a pioneer in the world of immersive theatre. Its unique productions are inspired by literary and creative works, and see audiences placed right in the midst of the action. The company has developed a cult following over the years, with one of its biggest shows being Sleep No More, which takes its inspiration from Macbeth, alongside Alfred Hitchcock noir films like Suspicion and Vertigo.

Barrett said: ‘When The Burnt City closed, our laboratory opened, and Woolwich became Punchdrunk’s home to experiment, play and develop – allowing us to prototype long held dreams and new ideas.

‘Our ambition over the coming years is to open our doors as never before, offering audiences a chance to experience the evolution of these ideas from limited runs to larger-scale works. It’s with great excitement that we prepare to welcome audiences to the first project in a new era of Punchdrunk shows, Viola’s Room – an uncharted landscape – a moonlit fever dream.’

When Will Viola’s Room Run?

Previews will start on 14 May 2024, with the official opening on 22 May 2024.

How To Get Tickets

Tickets will be on sale from 20 March 2024 via punchdrunk.com