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The Good Life by Alice B-B: October

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Alice B-B on hot rot, cherry popping and sheep’s clothing…


That one word conjures up a stinky, unhygienic bin full of foul food scraps in some old person’s kitchen. Not for me thanks – I’ll just stick it all in the bin and let the council deal with it. That’s always been my ignorant, irresponsible take. Turns out, food waste in a plastic bin doesn’t get the oxygen needed to degrade. Instead, starved of oxygen, it produces methane. Or, the bags of rubbish are incinerated producing carbon dioxide. Both are ‘greenhouse gases’. So, I’m doing a 180. Thankfully there’s an update on the smelly old bin. I’m investing in The Hot Bin; the size of a wheelie, it reaches up to 60 ̊c and can mulch all garden and food waste – even bones. After 90 days you have your very own organic compost. No wonder The Hot Bin won product of the year at Chelsea Flower Show.

I was a 44-year-Old Virgin…

An Aman virgin. I know! I’m a travel writer. How did I last this long without staying in a hotel created by the hallowed group that transformed the travel industry? My first was Amanzoe – pillared and pedimented in the Peloponnese – and a pretty nice way to pop my cherry. Villas and pavilions scattered across a hillside smothered in lavender and sentinel-like cypress with views across the shimmering sea to neighbouring Spetses and Hydra. I was there to explore the new wellness immersions, which can be dialled up or down to suit your needs; whether it’s weight management, detox or cleansing – all under the supervision of a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, combined with deep relaxation treatments using Aman’s new skincare products, (book in with therapist Nasia – best EVER massage). Other activities that made me feel pretty bloody great; yoga on a platform looking out across the hills, visiting a local organic farm run by a Greek Dr Dolittle and breakfast of the freshest eggs and honey from their hives. A reminder, that for all the spoiling swank, often it’s the simplest things that make us feel well. I’ve gone crashing headlong into the Aman club – from virgin to junkie in just three nights!

I Had No Idea…

It takes two kilos of chemicals and 8,000 litres of water to make a regular pair of cotton denim jeans. For ONE pair. I have at least 20 pairs of jeans in my cupboard and I’m furious with myself – that I’ve never bothered to look beyond ‘needing’ the latest pair of jeans. I’m also furious with the fashion industry; keep cladding bottoms in denim and their bottom line stays peachy. But it’s not okay and there are alternatives; like Bamford’s wool denim. Great pieces made from sheep who’ve grazed on grass. Until the day when all clothes have to be labelled according to toxicity, it’s our responsibility to unearth the backstory.

This Month I’ll Be…

  1. Salivating over Flora Soames’ launch collection of elegant fabric and wallpaper
  2. Overexcited to see Phoebe Waller-Bridge in her one woman show Fleabag.
  3. Hosting 34@34 – a new series of wellness panel discussions then tucking into a healthy brunch.

Luxury & Necessity

Wool Jeans

Eco denim.

All the Feelings

Right oil, right time.

The Greek Dream

Aman wellness.

Compost Gets Classy

Shove it all in

New Cycle

Finally comes to West London.


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