The Morocco Earthquake: How Can We Help?

By Martha Davies

8 months ago

Charities to support in Morocco

On Friday 9 September, Morocco was hit by its deadliest earthquake for decades, with over 2,600 people reported to have died so far. The magnitude of the quake measured 6.8 and the epicentre was Ighil, a town in the Atlas Mountains which lies some 44 miles southwest of Marrakech. Several towns and cities were affected, and most deaths have occurred in remote and inaccessible mountainous regions. 

Numerous world leaders have offered messages of support, and governments have begun to send aid to those affected – but what can we do to help? Below we outline both local and global charities supporting victims of the Morocco earthquake.

Ways To Help The Victims of The Morocco Earthquake

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Image: Unsplash

Intrepid Travel’s Morocco Earthquake Appeal

Set up by Intrepid Travel’s charity branch, The Intrepid Foundation, this appeal is providing victims much-needed support in the form of food, shelter, clean water and medical assistance. Two of the Foundation’s NGO partners – High Atlas Foundation and Education For All – are on the ground working directly with those affected by the earthquake, and the Foundation is matching donations up to £50,000.

Actionaid’s Morocco Earthquake Appeal

Actionaid UK has been working in Morocco for over 20 years, with a particular focus on supporting women and girls. With the help of local relief organisations, their appeal is providing emergency relief to families and communities across the region. 90% of each donation goes directly to the appeal, while 10% is retained for Actionaid’s Emergency Action Fund, which helps them respond quickly and effectively to future crises.

The Moroccan Red Crescent

The Moroccan Red Crescent has provided vital emergency relief since the earthquake struck. Teams have been working with partners and local authorities to support search and rescue efforts, administer first aid, and help transport injured people to hospitals.

The British Red Cross Morocco Earthquake Appeal

This appeal helps teams on the ground to assist with evacuation, search and rescue, and first aid. They are also distributing hygiene kits and food provisions. The British Red Cross is responding to the crisis as it unfolds as well as planning longer-term support.

CARE International’s Morocco Earthquake Appeal

CARE is focusing its efforts on the epicentre of the earthquake, working with partners and local teams to provide emergency support.