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A Therapeutic Exhibit That Lifts the Gloom of London Weather

Fred Butler uses chromotherapy and light to aid seasonal defective disorder.

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NOW Gallery has got itself a pocket full of sunshine and its called ‘Harmonics in Space‘.

The Fred Butler exhibit opened yesterday 28 February and is a joyous, healing environment that radiates light, colour, shape and sound.

This Therapeutic Exhibit Lifts the Gloom of London Weather
Harmonics in space

Fred believes that our constant computer work and tendency to hunch over devices blocks important vibrations related to breathing and awareness in the tetrahedron shapes that make up our body. This exhibit allows visitors to stand, breath and expand chests in order to recharge the whole body to be responsive.

‘We need a balance of all the colour vibrations in sunlight to nourish us energetically’, says Fred. The immersive installation gives visitors the opportunity to step away from the grey of London and experience a full spectrum of colour and correlative emotion.

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Dip your head into a polyhedral to encounter healing light. This environment lets conscious and unconscious levels of the psyche to interact and thus stimulate creativity.

Harmonics in space

…origami! Visitors will be assigned a mystic mascot that matches their mood. Switch off, contemplate and make.

Headphones are available to experience a sonic journey by Natureboy created for the exhibition. He combines live instrumentation, synthesizers and his own voice in a series of rich, reflective and detailed compositions.

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This exhibition is about looking after oneself. It’s inclusiveness addresses Fred’s concern that humans will become introverted, isolated and immobile. The exhibit encourages visitors to take a break from the instant gratification of constant scrolling and over stimulation, which shortens attention span.

‘Enjoy the moment, forget the past, don’t speculate the future be in the NOW.’

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