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What to Do Today: Visit Achille Salvagni’s Atelier in Mayfair

Our top pick for Wednesday 28 March....

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Stuck on what to do today? Let us help you. This Wednesday 28 March, we recommend that you take a trip to Mayfair to see Achille Salvagni’s Atelier which has been transformed into a retro-futuristic space capsule. 

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What to Do Today: Visit Achille Salvagni’s Studio

Achille Salvagni's Atelier inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey

Achille Salvagni has transformed his Atelier into a series of rooms inspired by set designs from iconic 1960’s science fiction films. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey plays a large part in the new eye-catching space age environment – Achille used several features from the film as inspriation.

With the earthy and metallic tones of Salvagni’s signature pieces dotted around the space, the collection stands out against the white-washed floors, ceilings and panelled doors throughout. Pieces from the collection are made from natural materials such as onyx, 24k gold-plated bronze and European walnut. A pair of portholes that look out into ‘space’ are featured as well as a six-armed Spider chandelier that dominates the space in the front room.

Other items feature in the studio such as the Emerald and Menhir side tables and alien-like, six-legged Papillia armchairs. The Bubbles wall sconces, suspended on the walls, stand out in white, gold and a dark grey.

Achille Salvagni's Atelier inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey

The second room features wood-panelled walls and the Simposio chandelier, hanging from the ceiling like an orbiting moon. A Cosmedin side table completes the collection with its marbled appearance like a view of the planets from space.

‘I admire the ground-breaking production design of 2001: A Space Odyssey and the visionary atmospheres of 1960s science-fiction movies in general. As commercial space tourism takes shape, I created my own interpretation of a space capsule. I wanted to imagine a futuristic yet opulent interior with highly crafted pieces, design a personal response to the imminent exploration of this unchartered territory, another marvel soon to be revealed.’ – Achille Salvagni

Achille Salvagni’s unique designs use soft curves, white washed interiors and organic textures to merge between past and future tradition and innovation.

Available to see from 15 March – 7 September,