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Would You Rather Own: Amy Winehouse’s Love Letter or Steve Jobs’ CV?

Both are up for auction.

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Would you splurge on her love letter to Blake or his error-strewn, pre-apple CV?

Boston’s R&R Auction Company pop culture sale between 8 – 15 March will put Winehouse and Jobs memorabilia under the hammer along with Elvis, Hendricks and Warhol items.

Would You Rather Own: Amy Winehouse’s Love Letter or Steve Jobs’ CV?
steve jobs cv

In 1973, Steve Jobs filled out the above job application, by hand, for a position that would allow him to pursue an interest in technology and design. The document is expected to fetch in the realm of $50,000, spelling and punctuation errors and all.

The technology legend lists his name as ‘Steven jobs’ and his address as ‘reed college’, which is the Oregon college he attended for a brief period. Under a section titled ‘Special Abilities’, Jobs writes, ‘electronics tech or design engineer. digital.*from Bay near Hewitt-Packard’, referring to the California technology company. On the form, which does not specify the position, Jobs notes that he has a driver’s licence, however, his access to transportation was ‘possible, but not probable’. As for ‘Phone’? ‘None’, he writes.

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Winehouse writes to Blake Fielder-Civil, whom she married in 2007 and divorced in 2009. She notes the date as January 12, but with no year. She writes, ‘Do nothing ‘til you hear from me handsome, I need your arms around me so I can inhale, open my eyes, breathe my heart’s breathe out…Loved one you are my most precious poisonous possession, my most cherished boy, my darling husband.’ In addition to the text, the one-page Winehouse letter, valued at about $4,000, features a sketch of a baby crocodile surrounded by hearts. The letter is signed ‘Amy (Lioness)’.

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