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5 Minutes With Gourmet Guy

Meet our new food columnist

Always on the hunt for cool new restaurant openings? Love discovering quirky eateries? You’ve come to the right place. Each month, Instagram foodie Gourmet Guy – also known as Tom Rogers – will bring us his pick of five must-try restaurants across the UK. But first, let’s find out a bit more about him.

Meet Our New Food Columnist, Gourmet Guy

Tom Rogers

Tell us a bit about you…

I’m a born and bred Londoner that’s grown up with food in my DNA. My father’s side of the family are Italian, so food has always been front and centre at home and my aunt is the chef Ruth Rogers, so I spent many happy days eating at The River Cafe. I studied hospitality at university and worked in restaurants for a number of the years that followed, before stumbling upon the PR business. In 2019 myself and two friends launched CRAB Communications, a hospitality agency that helps some of the UK’s top chefs and restaurants get the word out.

When did you start your Instagram account?

I launched my Instagram account @gourmet_guy back in 2015. It was originally my wife’s idea and a place to share great restaurant and food recommendations. The whole thing grew organically into what it is today. It’s been an amazing way of connecting with people in the industry and a space where I could share my favourite thing, food – from new restaurant openings and incredible dishes to countryside escapes and great pub grub.

Food philosophy?

Keep it simple, seasonal and make sure it appeals to people’s base desires. Nobody wants lovage ice cream…

Favourite chef?

I’m biased (my business partner is his daughter), but it has to be Richard Corrigan. He’s a man who’s cooking is entirely driven by the produce he has available. It’s more about making people happy than performing for awards or praise and he’s one of the most generous people I know.

Three favourite ingredients?

Cheese, chocolate and olive oil – not together!

Most memorable meal of all time?

Back in 2019 my wife and I drove to Mexico from Belize (where we’d just got married) for our honeymoon. En route we stopped at a roadside cevicheria where we had the most unexpected and incredible ceviche paired with an ice-cold beer. It was utter bliss, I only hope I can find it again one day as I have no idea what it was called.

Have you ever sent a meal back in a restaurant?

I’m not really one to complain in a restaurant – I’ve been on the other side too many times –but I did receive a raw chicken breast once and there really was no way round that!

Favourite hidden gem in London?

My most recent find is a bar called SOMA in Soho. It’s underground in a former gentleman’s club and has one long stainless steel bar, no windows and lots of great cocktails.


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