Best Panettones To Buy For Christmas 2023

By Ellie Smith

7 months ago

'Tis the season

Panettone is up there with some of the most elite Christmas foods, along with mince pies and pigs-in-blankets. The Italian bread is native to Milan, but it has become a winter staple in households all over the world, including the UK – typically enjoyed as a sweet breakfast or festive afternoon snack.

Characterised by its cloud-like consistency, a traditional panettone is made with orange peel and raisins, but nowadays you can get lots of different twists – from chocolate-covered creations to boozy versions and fruity numbers. So where to find the best in town? Read on for the best panettones to buy for Christmas 2023. 

Best Panettones To Buy For Christmas 2023

Fortnum & Mason Traditional Panettone