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Whether it’s a fancy meal out to celebrate a special occasion or a simple bowl of pasta on the sofa, food is one of the greatest joys in life. Here at C&TH, we love to shout about food in all its forms, bringing you all the latest on the best restaurants, pop-ups, festivals, recipes and much more. If you’re looking for the best places to go out for brunch, lunch and dinner, we have a whole host of area guides covering everywhere from the Lake District to London and Paris, plus pieces themed by type of cuisine and genre. You’ll also find individual reviews of restaurants around the UK, including our restaurant of the week series, where we spotlight exciting new openings. But it’s not all about eating out: we also have endless recipes for quick lunches, dinner parties, cocktail nights and more, plus chef guides on cooking for big events like Christmas. We’ll also bring you guides on where to buy your produce, from farm shops to food markets and zero-waste stores. Plus, don’t miss our in-depth features on current trends and movements in the food industry, from regenerative farming to intuitive eating. As with all of our content, sustainability is crucial, so we have plenty of guides on how to be more eco-friendly through your food – from a chef’s guide to sustainable dining to a deep dive into foraging. Happy eating!