Dexter’s London Cafe From One Day Has Gone Viral
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Dexter’s London Cafe From One Day Has Gone Viral

Listen up fans: you can visit Dexter's cafe in real life

It’s been a month since Netflix’s adaptation of David Nicholls’ One Day arrived on the platform, but interest surrounding the series shows no sign of slowing. It’s still massively trending on TikTok, with users taking to the platform to post their reactions to the tear-jerking story. But it’s not just the controversial ending people are talking about: many fans are also following in the footsteps of Dexter (Leo Woodall) and Emma (Ambika Mod) and visiting the filming locations from the show. 

The series was filmed in an array of beautiful locations, from Edinburgh to Paros to Rome – but there’s one location lovers of the show are flocking to in particular: Dexter’s cafe in London.

Where Is Dexter’s Cafe In One Day – And Can You Visit?

Towards the end of One Day, Dexter opens his own coffee shop in London, Cafe Belleville, after convincing his dad to invest. Turns out this is actually a real-life cafe called La Maison, located on Calabria Road in Highbury, North London, opened just over a year ago. It only appears briefly in the series – we see Dexter working there in the penultimate episode – but fans have been flocking there to take pictures outside the blue facade. 

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The cafe’s owner has reported an increase in visitors since the show aired, with queues forming outside the venue. And it looks like these queues might be getting even bigger come summer, with fans planning a meet-up at the cafe on 15 July, AKA St Swithin’s Day, the crucial date in the series.

Fancy joining in the fun? Pop in for a bite to eat: La Maison is a friendly neighbourhood cafe serving coffees, pastries, sandwiches and bagels, open from 8am – 5.30pm during the week, and 9am – 5.30pm on weekends. We can’t guarantee Leo Woodall will be there to serve you your latte, though.