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Is good gut health the secret to overall wellbeing?

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When it comes to feeling good, gut health plays a major role in maintaining our overall wellbeing. Home to both good and bad bacteria, imbalances can lead to poor digestion, bloating, fatigue and inflammation. As we all know, over-consumption of antibiotics, alcohol and processed foods can strip our intestines of its healthy bacteria, reducing our ability to absorb nutrients and allowing unhealthy bacteria to thrive. Following a balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting a good night’s sleep will all contribute to good gut health, however there is something else you can do. Camilla Hewitt explains how kombucha can help…

The C&TH Guide to Kombucha

In terms of feeding your gut from the outside in, fermented food and drinks are an inexpensive and effective way to start. In the current climate they will not only restock your internal ecosystem but also fortify your immune system. One of the most popular and readily available options is kombucha. Unlike other fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir which are often fairly tart and tangy, the refreshingly fruity flavours of kombucha make it a much more appealing option.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is fermented green or black tea thought to have originated two thousand years ago. When properly brewed it is a slightly fizzy soft drink that is low in sugar. As kombucha naturally contains probiotics (aka beneficial bacteria), healthy organic acids and antioxidants, introducing it into your diet could aid digestion, increase energy, support joint health and reduce blood sugar levels.

Not sure where to start? MOMO gave us some tips for kombucha first-timers…

  • Start with around half a bottle per day, introducing more good bacteria and healthy organic acids should be done gradually.
  • Keep it cold, kombucha contains living probiotics and will start fermenting again if kept out of the refrigerator.
  • Kombucha is a raw, living product and it is completely normal for it to contain bits of beneficial yeast and bacteria. These are safe to drink and the sign of a healthy, unfiltered brew.
  • Never shake the bottle, gently invert to mix and open with care.

If you already know all the facts and you’re looking for fun ways to incorporate kombucha into your mealtimes there are lots of recipes online, from zingy salad dressings to sour noodle soups. Our favourite find: kombucha soaked overnight oats. Combining MOMO’s new Rasberry & Hisbiscus flavour with coconut yoghurt, chia seeds and oats will kick-start your day with a bowl brimming full of gut-friendly bacteria.

Best Kombucha Buys


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J'aime Kombucha

J’aime Original Kombucha

A newcomer to the kombucha market, J’aime Original Kombucha wins on health. Alongside all the benefits for your gut, the tipple has just 2.3 calories per can, plus contains no sugar. Made in Devon, it’s brewed using a combination of four of the world’s most exceptional green and white jasmine teas, creating a sweet, lightly fizzy drink with a crisp dry finish. j-aimedrinks.com


UK based MOMO Kombucha have recently launched a new flavour, Raspberry-Hibiscus, in partnership with Future Dreams, a charity dedicated to raising funds for Support, Awareness and Research for those touched by Breast Cancer. This beautiful pink kombucha combines deliciously refreshing hibiscus with cold pressed organic raspberries. Unlike many kombucha brands which ferment in large stainless-steel tanks, filter, pasteurise, or even make their product from concentrate, MOMO ferment their four flavours of kombucha in super-small 10L glass jars at their brewery in London’s New Covent Garden Food Market.

Momo Kombucha, 6 bottle case £26.50, momokombucha.com


HOLOS was founded by five friends with a passion for social justice, health and wellbeing. The business was born from a desire to drink quality, all-natural kombucha whilst making a positive impact in the world. Every bottle of HOLOS kombucha sold helps their social mission of supporting survivors of human trafficking by providing access to education, training and work. Their four delicious flavours, including our personal favourite of Basil & Mint, are hand-crafted in small batches in West Sussex. HOLOS kombucha is low-sugar and vegan, fermented using all-natural ingredients.

HOLOS Basil & Mint, 12 x 250ml bottles, £27.19, holoskombucha.com


L.A Brewery

L.A Brewery was founded in 2017 by Louise Avery. After years of experimenting with fermentation and flavours Louise set up the kombucha micro-brewery in Suffolk, England with a passion to create delicious drinks for everyone to enjoy. Using her own mother culture, Louise has cleverly crafted a non-alcoholic craft beer-kombucha crossover. Combining the rich hoppy depths of a New England IPA with the refreshing tart acidity of kombucha the result is a sophisticated soft drink with complex floral and fresh citrus notes, and a delicately bitter finish. All L.A Brewery kombuchas are naturally low in sugar and high in friendly bacteria.

Mixed kombucha case of 12, £30, labrewery.co.uk



Enjoy a refreshing mocktail from the comfort of your own home with SodaStream’s Kombucha, available in two exciting flavours. Each SodaStream machine allows you to cut down on the amount of single use plastic bottles, saving the environment and also saving you a hangover the next morning. Their organic Kombucha concentrates are brewed with 1 billion probiotics per serving, ensuring a long shelf quality and plenty of health benefits. Mix up a Kombucha Apple Fizz with their very own SodaPress recipe:


1L SodaStream sparkling water, 5oz Soda Press Co. Kombucha, handful of fresh mint, pple slices


Sparkle 1 bottle of water. Combine ice, fresh mint, and Kombucha in a glass, and fill with SodaStream sparkling water. Garnish with apple slices. Enjoy!

Kombucha Twin Pack, £15.98, sodastream.co.uk


Blighty Booch

Taste the award winning Blighty Booch Organic Ginger Kombucha, recently having won three gold stars in this year’s Great Taste Awards. Made in Wales, Blighty Booch is blended in small batches using top quality organic whole leaf and bud sourced from Hunan China. With many health benefits and high levels of L-theanine, probiotic qualities, amino acids, minerals and vitamins and much more, it is no wonder Blighty Booch is a top favourite. Available in many different flavours including Ginger, Nettle and Rosehip, Original and Cherry.

Ginger Kombucha, case of 12 x 330ml bottles £38, blightybooch.com



Indulge in a non-alcoholic sparkling alternative to wine with Michelin starred restaurant Real’s new bottled sparkling fermented tea, with naturally occurring notes of tart fruits, zesty citrus and aromatic herbs – same depth of flavour, without all the alcohol. Create a Royal Bellini with Real’s simple recipe:


125ml Real Royal Flush, 20ml peach purée (homemade if you can, but we like Funkin if you can’t), 5ml jasmine syrup, edible flowers to garnish


Pour your peach purée and jasmine syrup into chilled wine or cocktail glasses. Top up with Real Royal Flush and stir gently to bring the liquids and flavours together. Garnish with edible flowers if available.

Royal Flush, 750ml 6 pack £48, realkombucha.co.uk



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