The Health & Wellbeing Hub

Looking to find your feet when it comes to your fitness goals? This is the place for you. Welcome to the C&TH Health and Wellbeing Hub, where you’ll find the latest in fitness trends, news, how-tos and deep dives. We’ve taken a holistic approach, with content spanning activities, diet, beauty and mental wellbeing.

At the forefront of this section we’ve compiled numerous guides on ways to keep physically fit, at your own pace, whether that be through running, hiking or heading to the gym for a workout. We’ve even put together a digital guide for the best online classes so you can work on your goals wherever and whenever. Fuel up after your workout with our pick of the healthiest restaurants in the UK capital or a hearty dish straight from our recipe book.

With beauty trends coming and going at speed, we’ve also taken the time to highlight the ones worth your time and energy. From CBD oils and supplements to the roaringly popular Wim Hof Method, there’s plenty out there to discover – and find what works for your routine.

We’re also taking an active approach when it comes to our mental health, even though it involves slowing things down. Whether it’s a soothing podcast you crave, an interest in a brand new gadget or some expert advice you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

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