Le Crookie Has Landed In London – Here’s Where To Find It

By Olivia Emily

4 months ago

This Parisian import is distinctly less chic than anticipated

Paris: a land of aloof fashionistas who balk at the site of anything vibrant, gimmicky or, god forbid, American. Who, then, came up with le crookie? A hybrid of Parisian staple the croissant with an American style cookie, le crookie is a bizarre food mash-up (that we really want a bite of). Lucky for us, le crookie has finally landed in London: here’s where to get one.

Where To Find Le Crookie In London

Philippe Conticini has unleashed the crookie on London, a classic croissant stuffed and topped with cookie dough. Famed for his viral gigantic croissants (£25) and pains au chocolat (£28) and mugs of thick, rich chocolate for dipping, Conticini is no stranger to social media fame – and fans are going wild for his crookies.


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He posted the hybrid creation on Instagram last weekend, describing it as ‘a crispy croissant filled with cookie dough with crushed hazelnuts and chocolate chips. And to be even more greedy, there’s also a crispy cookie dough on top.’ Yep, our mouths are watering.

He continued to explain that Chef Jeffrey Cagnes came to visit him in London from Paris where he rustles up his own crookies, selling them in his three boutique bakeries. But Cagnes wasn’t the first to top a croissant with cookie dough…


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Who Invented Le Crookie?

French pâtissier Stéphane Louvard (of Maison Louvard, 11 Rue de Châteaudun, 75009 Paris, France), invented le crookie in October 2022 and started selling them in his bakery. According to Louvard talking to the BBC, they were a modest success, with 100–150 sold each day. That is until TikTok caught wind in February 2024 and the world wanted to try le crookie. Nowadays, Louvard is crafting 1,500 crookies everyday, and 2,000 on Saturdays, flogging them at €5.90 (£4.65) a pop.

Get Your Crookie

Philippe Conticini has three London bakeries:

  • Camden (198 Camden High Street Buckstreet Market Unit 1.26 Ground floor, London NW1 8QP)
  • Islington (206 Upper St, London N1 1RQ)
  • South Kensington (24-25 Cromwell Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2LD)