Is This London’s Most Lavish New Year’s Eve Menu?

By Martha Davies

8 months ago

Ring in the New Year in style

If you’re looking for a particularly extravagant way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, it looks like The Connaught is the place to go. Expect a grand eight-course menu – and a rather hefty price tag. Here’s everything you need to know.

New Year’s Eve At The Connaught: London’s Most Lavish NYE Menu?

© Jérôme Galland

Looking to spend the New Year in London? There’s certainly no shortage of restaurants to book, but perhaps none quite as opulent as Hélène Darroze at The Connaught. Bearing the name of its esteemed executive chef, it’s is an utterly elegant dining destination that showcases seasonal ingredients and indulgent dishes  – and if you head there on 31 December, you can enjoy an incredible eight-course meal. You’ll need to have some cash to spare, though, as the luxurious experience costs a whopping £450 per person.

© Jérôme Galland

The exclusive New Year’s Eve menu begins with caviar and Carlingford oyster, sea urchin and Japanese dashi. This is followed by foie gras presse served with pear and celeriac; Lomo Ibérico ham with onion and black truffle; and sea bass with chestnut and radish. Next up is a glorious venison Wellington (sourced from the Rhug Estate organic farm in North Wales) served alongside quince, purple cabbage and poivrade jus. 

If you’re still peckish after five dishes, the cheese course consists of Brillat-Savarin cheese and green apple, while the two dessert courses include citrus fruits finished with rosemary and almond, and a delectable chocolate dish featuring cocoa bean and more black truffle.

© Jérôme Galland

Sound tempting? New Year’s Eve dining at The Connaught is available to book now.