Everyone Is Talking About Olive Oil Ice Cream. Is It Nice?

By Olivia Emily

6 months ago

Sweet meets savoury once again

TikTok is obsessed with plenty of weird food trends, but this one takes the biscuit. Countless creators are drizzling olive oil over fresh scoops of ice cream, bringing a savoury twist to our favourite creamy dessert. So: is olive oil ice cream nice?

Is Olive Oil Ice Cream Nice?

Yes, it is – or at least that’s what everyone is saying on TikTok. ‘I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner, because it was so good!’ TikTok creator @theres.food.at.home says in one video. ‘It tastes so rich and creamy with a slight savoury flavour. A real treat!’

@theres.food.at.home Olive oil 🤝🏾 Ice cream #foodtok ♬ original sound – There’s food at home

Rather than be put off, her commenters are right on board. ‘Yes, with some fresh cracked pepper on it,’ one agrees, while another adds, ‘it’s actually good though.’ Meanwhile, a third commenter had another suggestion: ‘Back in the day, my favorite was dark chocolate ice cream with bergamot olive oil (orange flavour). Sprinkle with a touch of smoked sea salt! AMAZING!!’. With the recent rise of salted caramel and salted chocolate, this is something we can get on board with.

@emiiyjade saw this on all over my tiktok and had to try it… it was way better than expected #icecream #dualipa #recipe #viral #viralvideo #viraltrend #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #viralrecipe #foodtok ♬ original sound – emily jade

‘The next time you have a sweet tooth, and the only thing in your freezer is vanilla ice cream, this is what you’re going to do,’ Claudia Sulewski, content creator and partner of musician Finneas O’Connell, adds in another TikTok. ‘You’re going to grab some extra virgin olive oil, and you’re also going to grab some flakey sea salt,’ she says shaking a box of Maldon sea salt. ‘It needs to be flakey in order for this to not be weird. Drizzle. Add your salt. You’ll thank me later.’

Unconvinced? How about a pop star’s seal of approval? Dua Lipa recently told BBC Radio 1 that she loves this weird dessert. ‘You know what I love?’ she asked Greg James. ‘So I get vanilla ice cream and I put olive oil on it, and sea salt,’ she said, joking that she’d brought plenty of her pals ‘to the dark side’ with the dish. ‘It’s SO good – you have to try it!’ she exclaimed.

@bbcradio1 thoughts on @Dua Lipa’s unusual ice cream additions? 👀🍨 #dualipa #dua #dualipavideo #dualipainterview #icecream ♬ original sound – BBC Radio 1

How To Make It

  1. Scoop some ice cream into a bowl – vanilla and chocolate work best
  2. Using a bottle of olive oil with a pouring nozzle, and slowly drizzle a small amount over the ice cream
  3. Add a pinch of sea salt flakes (optional)