7 Wacky London Desserts That Willy Wonka Would Approve Of

By Ellie Smith

7 months ago

Weird and wonderful Wonka-esque puddings

With the new film set to premiere in UK cinemas tomorrow, Wonka is the talk of town. And while we’re not convinced Wonkacore will take off in the same way as Barbiecore, we can certainly get on board with channelling it in our desserts. A whole host of London restaurants serve quirky desserts that could be straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory: think flaming puddings, decadent build-your-own sundaes, and ice cream made from liquid nitrogen. Here we bring you a handful of fun London desserts.

7 Wacky London Desserts That Willy Wonka Would Approve Of

The Colony’s Flaming Banana Fosters

Flaming banana foster dessert

Image by Cristian Barnett

The Colony Grill Room at Mayfair hotel The Beaumont serves a twist on the classic American pudding, banana fosters, which is prepared and set on fire tableside, then served with a spiced rum and ginger cake.


Dovetale’s Build-Your-Own Knickerbocker Glory

A highlight of Tom Sellers’ Dovetale, found within the recently opened 1 Hotel Mayfair, is the knickerbocker glory trolley, which sees the retro dessert whizzed up tableside. Just to make things even more fun, diners are given a little checkbox where they can build their own creation, picking from a long list of syrups, ice creams and toppers.


Chin Chin Club’s Ice Cream

Futuristic wonderland Chin Chin Club wouldn’t look out of place in Wonka’s factory. Ice cream is churned using billowing clouds of liquid nitrogen, creating classic flavours like tonka bean and burnt butter caramel alongside wild specials such as purple carrot cake. You can then top your creations with everything from bee pollen honeycomb to caramel sauce truffle crumble.


Bob Bob Ricard’s Chocolate Glory

With its glitzy interiors and press-for-champagne buttons, you can always count on Bob Bob Ricard to bring the drama – and its dessert menu follows suit. The Soho restaurant’s signature Chocolate Glory dessert is covered in hot sauce tableside, causing the sphere to melt and reveal all sorts of goodies inside. 


Milk Train Cafe’s Candy Floss Ice Cream

The creator of the UK’s first candy floss ice cream cones, Milk Train Cafe is the stuff of childhood dreams. Your ice cream will sit amid a cloud of candy floss, with seasonal editions such as orange maple for autumn and a festive Christmas tree special. 


Nessa’s Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska

Tom Cenci’s Soho eatery Nessa is all about recreating nostalgic classics, such as a baked alaska, which arrives swimming in a pool of rhubarb, surrounded by a blowtorched meringue atop a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream.


The Ivy’s Baked Alaska

You can’t go to The Ivy and not order the famous sharing baked alaska, which sees a giant snowball meringue set on fire tableside, warming the liqueur-soaked morello cherries surrounding it.