Restaurant of the Week: The Meat and Wine Co.
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Restaurant of the Week: The Meat and Wine Co.

If you love premium steak and wine, this is the place for you.

The delight of a South-African braai lovingly brought to you in the centre of London.

Review: The Meat and Wine Co.

You are in for a real treat when you book a table at The Meat and Wine Co. With its roots in South Africa and a 35-year history which has led to it being award-winning in Australia, the premium steakhouse has opened new doors in Mayfair. Just around the corner from Green Park, the sleek outer facade melts away into an intimate, calming interior with elements of African cultural origin with rope-lined walls and rich wood and leather furnishings.

The experience starts right from the moment you step through the door with a warm greeting and invitation further into the restaurant. You are led past the impressive collection of row after row of wines from all over the world and the dry-ageing fridge where you can see examples of the meat you are about to enjoy. The warm lowlight of the restaurant gives a relaxed, almost confidential atmosphere to the culinary experience.

Meat and Wine Co. interior

It’s hard not to feel like royalty with the totally enveloping hospitality the entire team shows you. From attentive service when it comes to drinks, to answering any and every question about the dishes on the menu, you are made to feel comfortable right from the off.

Now to the food. I have rarely had such a delight to my taste buds as I experienced at The Meat and Wine Co. Wine is served to you by a skilled sommelier who discusses your food options and brings you wines that mix so perfectly with each dish that it is a wonder they weren’t created exclusively for that plate of food. 

Meat and Wine Co. table setting

The effort the company puts into creating such delicious meat is somewhat astounding. They even go to the lengths of feeding the cows olives, coffee or sweets to give their products a twist in flavour you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It is a fascinating process mixed with deep care for the animals. You won’t regret a visit to the fridge with one of their knowledgeable staff. They will never tell you the ‘secret’ way they cook each steak but my guess is that it lies in the way they use butter.

A personal highlight was the tuna carpaccio with black sesame seed, burnt pickled baby cucumber, soy dressing, Champagne pearl and oyster emulsion with its accompanying wine. Its flavours blended fantastically together to create a happy explosion in the mouth. I think I smiled the entire way through every bite.

Meat and Wine Co. wines

The steaks vary from grass-fed Scottish Hereford Striploin and Northern Irish Rib-Eye to Wagyu MB 3+ cuts from Jack’s Creek, Australia, all grilled to perfection and served with a choice of fermented chilli sauce; peppercorn; creamy mushroom or bone marrow butter. Meanwhile, the hanging chicken skewer added excitement to the eating of the meal as you pull each piece of meat down the skewer to your plate ready to enjoy another set of wonderful flavours.

With a salted caramel tart or gooey chocolate and hazelnut fondant to finish, you almost have to roll out of the door after such a lavish assault to the senses.


A true experience of premium meat, sides and wine which will blow your socks off as soon as you step through the door. Now there is no need to travel to Australia or South Africa for the pleasure of dining at the Meat and Wine Co., you can do it right from central London. If you love premium steak and wine, this is the place for you.


Images: Matt Chung Photo


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