Welcome to the Country & Town House Great British & Irish Hotels Guide 2018/19

In this, the sixth edition of our annual Great British & Irish Hotels guide, you’ll find in-the-know descriptions of 250 hotels and inns, each one handpicked by Fiona Duncan while researching and writing her weekly hotel review column in the Sunday Telegraph.

In this year’s edition, you’ll find a great mix of addresses, from luxury to affordable, seaside to city centre, just opened to long-established, trendy to traditional. We hope that there’s a hotel to suit anyone looking for that perfect break, whether it’s one of this year’s exciting and diverse crop of new places or one of Fiona’s trusted old favourites. One thing is for sure: you won’t find bland, corporate hotels in these pages; you will find the ones that Britain and Ireland are best at, whether lavish or simple: ones that are full of character. If you are looking for hotels with soul, you will find them here.

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