The Best Luxury Kettles To Buy In 2024
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The Best Luxury Kettles To Buy In 2024

The best kettles for those who want their kitchen appliance to look chic, and work perfectly

A kettle is a kitchen must-have, and owning one of the best out there is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home without breaking the bank too much. The best luxury kettles will not only look totally chic on your countertop, but they’ll also offer a premium appliance experience too from a fast boil speed, to extra features such as variable temperature options. So if you’re looking to add some style to your tea or coffee-making experience, these are our top luxury picks from brilliant brands including Alessi, SMEG and Le Creuset…

The Best Kettles For A Touch Of Luxury

Here’s our rundown of the best products on the market for those who want an appliance that offers a serious touch of luxury, style, and all the extra features you could ever need:

  • SMEG 50s Retro Style
  • Fellow Stagg EKG
  • Alessi Plisse Kettle
  • Le Creuset Traditional Enamel Kettle
  • Haier I-Master Series 5
  • Dualit Classic
  • Bugatti Easy Vera
  • Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check Tea Kettle
  • Aarke Stainless Steel Kettle
  • KitchenAid Variable Temperature Artisan Kettle

Best Luxury Kettles For Those After Something Special

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Black SMEG kettle with silver hardware


50s Retro Style Kettle, from £149,

Available in a wide range of colours – from matte black, to bold red, and gleaming white – the Smeg Retro Style kettle is iconic for a reason. Not only does it look outrageously stylish on a kitchen worktop, but it also has an enormous 1.7 litre capacity for all your boiling water needs, an automatic shut off if it’s accidentally turned on while empty, and a soft-open lid that clicks open with the touch of a button. It’s also got a seriously impressive boil speed thanks to its 1400W output. As most modern kettles do, it also has a removable limescale filter for easy cleaning. Pair it with other matching appliances from SMEG’s retro range for an enviably good-looking kitchen counter.

Matte black modern kettle with thin spout

Fellow Stagg

EKG Kettle, £165,

This minimalist Scandi-style kettle is perfect for tea lovers – but it’s extra ideal for coffee devotees too thanks to its elegantly shaped spout. For those who are exacting about their hot beverages, it’s got a precision pour spout to ensure you fill your drink up with exactly the perfect amount of hot water. It also utilises an exact temperature control feature, to allow you to have your morning coffee or tea as hot (or not) as you like. Tech fans will love the LCD display and the quick boil time (which, at 1200 W, isn’t surprising), as well as the hold mode, which will keep your water at the right temperature for an impressive 60 minutes after boiling. Arguably one of the most stylish kettles around, it’s available in polished steel, brushed copper, and white – but our hearts lie with the ultra-sleek matte black version.

Alessi Plissé

Electric Kettle, £100,

The best kettles are the ones that add a touch of sophistication to our homes, rather than appear purely functional. And this kettle, created by Italian architect and designer Michele de Lucchi as part of the Plissé range, does exactly that. Designed to embody the form of pleated clothing, this electric kettle is as much a statement piece of art as it is a functional piece of kitchen kit. But it’s not all style; made of thermoplastic resin it’s also hardy and long-lasting, with a capacity of either 170cl or 100cl depending on your needs. Helpfully, its equipped with an auto-shut off feature if it starts boiling with no water in it, it has an ergonomic handle for ease of use. It’s also got an anti-scale feature, to ensure that any limescale is caught and kept away from your drink.

Orange Le Creuset kettle

Le Creuset

Traditional Enamel Kettle, £100,

Luxury kettles don’t come much more traditional than this cosy, country-style enamel kettle, which boils your water via the heat of your hob, rather than via a plug as with an electric kettle. This classic kettle is safe and suitable for use on everything from electric hobs to induction hobs, to ceramic glass cooktops and of course, gas hobs. And best of all, it will emit a soft whistling sound when the water is boiled, so you really will feel like you’re in a Charles Dickens novel as you prepare your brew. And while its functions are utterly charming, its design is also captivating; it’s made from hardwearing enamel steel, so – like all Le Creuset products – is designed to last a lifetime. This kettle – one of the best kettles Le Creuset offers – also comes in many of the brand’s signature bold colours, including volcanic orange, bold cerise and flint grey, to make a real style statement in your kitchen.

Matte black kettle


I-Master Series 5 Kettle, £99,

For those with a sleek and minimalist kitchen, this Haier I-Master Series 5 Kettle would make for the perfect addition, and would blend in seamlessly with a darker interior. This jug kettle has everything you could ever need for an appliance, and more; it’s one of Haier’s variable temperature kettles, allowing you to heat your drink to a variety of temperatures from 40-100°c. As with other stylish kettles, it also has a ‘keep warm’ feature, allowing the boiled water to stay hot for up to 30 minutes until you’re ready to make your beverage; perfect if you’re interrupted. This Haier kettle also allows you to brew enough water for just one cup of tea or coffee, and will save you up to 40% more energy compared to a standard kettle doing the same thing. It’s also got all of the features you’d expect as standard, including an easily removable lid and an anti-scale mesh filter.

Silver kettle


Classic Kettle, £149,99,

Dualit is a popular appliance brand for a reason, and their classic kettle is a bestseller. It’s got a rapid boil speed of 3kW for those who need a quick shot of caffeine in the morning, but one of its best features is that said boiling, while fast, isn’t noisy. The Classic kettle actually has a Whisper Boil feature, making it the quietest kettle you can buy from Dualit. It even has a ‘Quiet Mark’, which is the international mark of approval from the Noise Abatement Society, so it’s ideal for open-plan spaces, too and those who often boil a kettle last at night or first thing in the morning. It has a classic jug kettle design, and comes in five different colours. It’s also got a huge 1.7 litre capacity so there’s no need for multiple boils with a big group, and has been fitted with a patented replaceable element, which is designed to prolong its lifespan.

Sleek gold kettle with black handle


Easy Vera Kettle, £195.90,

If you look up the term ‘luxury kettle’ in the dictionary, you’re likely to come across this ultra-premium design, the Bugatti Easy Vera Kettle, which looks part-sports car, part-kitchen appliance. While it may feel imposing in its unique look, the Vera Kettle is designed to seamlessly slot onto your kitchen counter with its contouring, elegant curves, making it one of the best kettles for design aficionados. It doesn’t have too much in the way of extra features, and outside of its design offers a fairly standard electric kettle experience with a touch of luxe. For example, its lid can be opened with simply a light touch, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t want a removable lid. The body of the kettle can also be rotated 360 degrees on the plate, and as with many kettles, it also has a removable limescale filter. This is the ultimate in high-end style, despite not actually being overly high-tech.

Grey Kitchen Aid kettle


Variable Temperature Artisan Kettle, £199,

Widely regarded as one of the best kettles around, and one of KitchenAid’s most popular variable temperature kettles, you can’t go too far wrong with this option for your kitchen. With a great 1.5 litre capacity, it’s ideal for making multiple cups of tea and coffee, and its boil speed is said to be pretty quick for hectic mornings in a rush. But best of all, you can choose your temperature, from 50 degrees to 100 degrees; plus, this KitchenAid kettle has been made with dual-wall construction for insulation, which should maintain your chosen temperature for 30 minutes, so long as the kettle is left on its base. The luxury kettle’s stainless steel body comes in a wide range of colours to choose from too, including the popular candy apple red, and the more subtle, matte cast iron black.

Kettle with black and white checkerboard design


Courtly Check Tea Kettle, from £180,

This unique, kitsch and oh-so-beautiful tea kettle from Mackenzie-Childs would add a serious punch of individuality to any kitchen, which is why it’s one of the best kettles on the market. Its black and white check style is reminiscent of the Mad Hatter’s tea party, which is exactly why we love it! Each kettle Mackenzie-Childs produced is handmade, and this one is made with a heavy-gauge, glazed steel underbody, and is rimmed in bronzed stainless steel before being hand-painted. It also has a more rustic wood handle, which expertly contrasts with the body of the kettle. This lovely traditional kettle isn’t electric, and is designed to be used on gas cooktops – but be aware that it’s not compatible with induction cooktops. That said, it’s one of the most stylish kettles around, so you may just want to leave it out on display untouched!

Cylindrical stainless steel kettle


Stainless Steel Kettle, £200,

For those who prefer variable temperature kettles, this Aarke kettle is an excellent choice. Allowing you to set your temperature from 40 degrees to 100 degrees, you can rest assured your beverage will be heated to your liking. It’s also got an LED cool-down indicator, to see how much the water has cooled if you’ve left the kettle for a while after boiling. We love that it has a no-drip spout and a soft-open lid for safe use around little ones, and its double wall construction also ensures that it’s as energy efficient as a stylish kettle can be. Its boil speed is around 3 minutes, which is a little slower than some (such as the SMEG 50’s Retro Style Kettle) which is something to be aware of. However, this stylish Aarke kettle more than makes up for that in its sleek look, and would pair perfectly with a more modern kitchen.