Meet The Interior Designer: Celine Interior Designers

By Emma Love

11 months ago

Intuitive design that improves quality of life

Celine Interior Design is an entry in our Interiors Book 2023.

Celine Interior Design: Country & Town Interiors Book 2023

Celine Interior Designed Lounge

Founded by Noor Charchafchi nearly a decade ago, Celine Interior Design has a world-class reputation for its empowering vision, which is based on the thinking that our homes and the environments where we spend our time impact our quality of life. ‘Design is an extraordinary tool that can massively affect our human experiences,’ says Noor, who personally oversees each project with a high level of understanding of both a client’s needs and their aspirations. ‘When I started my practice, I knew I loved design. However, passion isn’t enough to run a business successfully. It’s a great foundation, but there is so much more that you need to be able to deliver outstanding designs. Enhancing a client’s experience and their way of life has to be your ultimate goal at every step of the way.’

International in outlook, Noor’s Iraqi background means that both her Middle Eastern projects and her home-grown ones are thriving – whether it’s a penthouse in London’s Westminster, a mansion in Surrey, a residential development in Chelsea or a commercial commission further afield. Noor’s comprehension of her clients’ cultural backgrounds, combined with her deep knowledge of British design and the quality of craftsmanship that accompanies it, give her a unique design perspective that is much sought-after. She has also worked hard at putting together an excellent team over the years and credits them for the smooth delivery of each project. ‘I believe the difference between running an excellent design practice and going it alone is all about the people – that means the clients, the staff and everyone involved in the project directly and indirectly,’ she says. Noor’s mission is to constantly ensure her staff are on a path of growth and innovation, while ensuring the creation of masterpieces that dramatically improve quality of life.

Bedroom designs by Celine Interior Design

Tips, Tricks & Tools

  1. ‘Ceilings can be wonderful spaces to work with and are often overlooked. In a current project, we are painting the ceiling two colours to give it more depth and interest.’
  2. ‘We love using large wall lights, especially in entrance hallways, to give a sense of grandeur upon arrival.’
  3. ‘Wallpaper always lends a touch of luxury, especially if textured. Not only does it add a focus to the room, it also helps with layering, which focuses the eye in on all the details.’
  4. ‘Don’t forget the small things. People think about the sofa but often forget about the small table to the side. These tiny things are a massive part of everyday life.’
  5. ‘Avoid fully open storage. If everything is on show it’s hard to keep a room looking tidy.’

Open plan kitchen designed by Celine Interior Design

Secret Address Book

  • Flowers: New Covent Garden Flower Market, for its daily array of fresh blooms (
  • Chocolates: Birley Bakery makes divine chocolates and has beautiful interiors (
  • Fabrics: Pierre Frey, for the variety of textures and quality (

21 Chiddingstone Street, London SW6 3TQ
+44 (0)20 8032 2911