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Best Garden Buys to Entertain the Kids

Make outside space a child-friendly oasis

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Got a garden? Our round-up of the best garden buys for kids will keep you and your children amused, entertained and energised for days.

The Best Garden Buys to Keep the Kids Entertained

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Evostar trampoline

1. A trampoline

If you have space, there’s nothing better than a trampoline for big kids and adults alike (not recommended for children under six). With loads of health benefits including cardio, increase in leg strength, improved balance and stronger bones, bouncing daily can also lift your mood. You can also practice your daily yoga on it for even more of a challenge (and work all those tiny muscles). But you should buy the best you can afford and follow all safety instructions. The safest option is to have them dug into the ground for obvious reasons – we love the Evostar version, but if you don’t want to ruin your lawn make sure you choose one that is spring free like Plum’s Web springsafe 10-ft version with enclosure, £450.

Mspa Silver Colour Hot Tub

2. A hot tub

Long gone are the days when a hot tub was the accessory du jour for the gin and jag brigade. Now we’re more familiar with Scandi living and to getting our kit off (not essential), a hot tub is this year’s garden must-have for those who haven’t got a swimming pool (or even if you do). Add in a (plastic) glass of champagne, a sunset, a lover (or a good book) and your evenings are all set. Try this one for a splash out (it fits five to six people). For those self-isolating with just one other person or with a small patio, there are inflatable options such as the MSpa Silver Cloud iquick heating round hot tub spa, available on Amazon for £275.

3. Wooden garden games

We may not all have a croquet lawn, though I’m sure a few of our readers most certainly do, but Jaques of London (inventor of croquet and supplier of the best croquet sets around) also does wonderful wooden outdoor games such as the Giant Tumble Tower – which is basically Jenga – giant Backgammon set, giant Ludo and giant dominoes. Let the games begin!

Bestway paddling pool

4. A paddling pool

If a swimming pool or a hot tub doesn’t quite fit with your garden landscape, then investing in a decent paddling pool can provide hours of fun for everyone. This 12-footer from Bestway costs £79.99, and according to the instructions only takes 10 minutes to set up. Perfect for cooling off the body and mind when the home schooling’s taking its toll.

Gartenart natural pool

5. A natural swimming pool

You may of course not want to sully your view with a lot of plastic, so have you ever considered a natural swimming pool? Gardenart is the UK’s leading natural pool provider and can design something spectacular to your spec. Think natural stones and rocks, clean water (not through chemicals but through the micro-organisms in the water) and a nature attraction too – you’ll see dragonflies, newts and damselflies flock in. Good for you and the environment. Contact for more information.


6. Swingball and tennis nets

Get them to practise their forehands and get their eye in with Swingball, from £19.99. You don’t need a lot of space and there’s no problem about hitting balls over neighbours’ walls! For those with bigger gardens, why not try a pop up tennis net? Zsigs does them in 1.8m, 3m and and 6m sizes (from £45). They’re sturdy and the perfect option if you don’t have a tennis court.


7. A telescope

Learn about the stars. There are some great apps out there – Try Sky View – but even better is to invest in a telescope. Now planes aren’t clogging up the skies, we’re hopefully of seeing a little bit more of our beautiful universe. For beginners, we recommend the Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ (£124), where you can see details such as the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. Lovely if you’re also teaching the children about the Greek Gods.


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