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House Guest Podcast: How To

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Interiors Editor Carole Annett gets tips from the best of the interior design industry. This week's guest: Morten Warren

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Welcome to the new series of the House Guest podcast where C&TH Interiors Editor Carole Annett chats with experts from the world of interior design and decoration, the people behind the houses and hotels you see in glossy magazines like ours. This series will see experts guiding readers on a particular area of their own expertise, we hope you’ll pick up some useful tips. Enjoy!

Episode 3: Morten Warren on Audio and Light Technology

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Today’s House Guest is Morten Warren, well known in the industrial design world for his work with Philippe Starck and global brands such as Bang & Olufson and Samsung. Zuma is his new baby – Morten had a light bulb moment when renovating his home and wondering why so much wiring was needed for sound and technology. Zuma puts everything you need into one light fitting – the alchemy of design and technology which is wowing the interiors world. Tune in for more.

Previous ‘How To’ House Guest Episodes:

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Rob Whitaker house guest podcast

Episode 2: Rob Whitaker on Tiling 

This week’s podcast is all about tiling – ‘How to get to grips with tiles’. Interiors editor Carole Annett chats to Rob Whitaker, Creative Director and co-founder of Claybrook Tiles. ‘The whole tile world can be a bit of an enigma,’ says Rob, ‘knowing the difference between a floor and wall tile, what’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The first question we usually get is, “is it suitable for a wet area”‘. Rob lends a guiding hand through the world of tiles – it has changed enormously over the last few years with the introduction of porcelain tiles which opens up a whole new look. ‘you need to know what you are buying’, says Rob, ‘and where it’s going to be used. Natural materials like terracotta and stone are beautiful but are porous – put in the work initially, make sure it’s sealed properly and look after it – you just need to know what you’re buying’. Tune in for more.

Louise Roe house guest podcast

Episode 1: Louise Roe on Rattan 

‘Rattan makes a statement in an understated way, which is why i think it’s so glamorous,’ says Louise Roe of Sharland England. In this week’s House Guest episode, Louise gives tips on how to decorate with rattan and explains why she fell in love with this most sustainable of materials. A journalist by trade – she has worked with and In-style and is the weekly fashion presenter on This Morning, Louise’s love of rattan was inspired by her Argentine grandmother (Sharland was her maiden name) who, ‘had great style, was a bit rebellious and occasionally naughty’. Louise loves the nostalgia of rattan, its warmth and colour and explains how to use it in a modern home. ‘Going too old-fashioned makes an interior look like a tv set and that’s not ideal,’ she says. Tune in for more.

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