Interiors Trend: Dopamine Decor

By Rebecca Cox

1 month ago

The ultimate feel-good interiors trend is back for summer

Attention fans of maximalist mayhem! Lovers of colour chaos unite! The dopamine decor interiors trend is on the rise for summer 2024, with searches rising across Pinterest, TikTok and Google. So if you’re fed up with quiet luxury or minimalism, find out how to bring some joy (and a splash or two of colour) into your home with our guide to the trend.

What Is Dopamine Decor?

Dopamine decor is all about using interior design to create an environment that stimulates joy, happiness, and positive emotions through strategic use of vibrant colours, patterns, and textures. Sounds pretty lovely, right? According to Pinterest, searches for ‘dopamine decor’ have increased by 280 percent in the lead up to summer 2024. Tom Revill, creative director of Plank Hardware, says, ‘The concept first went viral on TikTok in 2022 and encourages individuals to fully embrace a maximalist approach when decorating their living space as a way to boost wellbeing and make your home a happier place.’

How Can You Bring More Colour Into Your Home?

One of the best ways to embrace dopamine decor is through paint. The process of ‘colour drenching,’ where one colour is used across multiple surfaces like walls, ceilings, furniture, and textiles, creates an immersive and cohesive space. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Wall-to-ceiling pink would certainly spark some joy.

How Can You Reflect Your Personality Through Your Interiors?

Hollie Parkinson, head of brand at MADE, says: ‘Try to focus on sourcing pieces that you truly love, whether it’s a fun playful accent chair or a piece that evokes feelings of positive nostalgia when you look at it. The aim is to fill your home with an eclectic mix of items that simply make you feel good.’ It’s sort of like the anti-Marie-Kondo technique, where everything sparks joy so you can’t throw anything away. Finally, a trend we can get on board with.

If you prefer order over chaos, try creating a striking focal point with a bold sofa or an eccentric accent chair to incorporate dopamine decor and express your style in a slightly more minimalist way. Hollie suggests starting with the dining room, using ‘a colourful statement ceiling light above the dining table’ or ‘curating a fun tablescape using vibrant candlesticks, coloured glassware and fresh flowers.’

What Are The Experts Saying?

Carole Annett, Country & Town House’s Interiors Director says: ‘We inherently turn to colour in times of uncertainty – who wants to be surrounded by beige and monochrome when the world is in turmoil? I did an interview in last year’s Interiors Book with a Professor of Colour who works w Sanderson Design Group (amongst others). I also recently sat down with Roisin Quinn (winner of BBC Interior Design Masters) who not only embraces a maximalist ethos, she swallows it whole. Why? Because if makes her happy, and others too. It’s hard not to find the edges of your mouth turn up when you see the interiors she has created. And the reason it works is that underneath the clashing pattern, colour and texture is a thread of harmony and an understanding of scale and proportion. Think of the basic musical notes beneath a big operatic number and you get the idea… it’s clever stuff.’

Tom Revill says: ‘With dopamine decor, almost anything goes – even if it clashes aesthetically.’ So get creative and combine all your favourite colours and styles. Hollie encourages being brave with interior choices, saying: ‘Adding certain colours (and patterns) into the home like bright yellows, oranges and pinks, can leave you feeling more energised, whilst blues are said to help you feel calmer and more productive.’

Lucy Mather, an interior design expert at Arighi Bianchi, encourages us to look to the States for inspiration: ‘California, and more specifically Los Angeles, is igniting a fresh look in UK interior design this year. We’ve seen LA influences coming through in many of the big design movements – from quiet luxury to dopamine decorating.’ The pink-drenched pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel? We’ll see you there.

Are Clashing Interiors An Issue?

While over half (58 percent, source: MADE) of Brits worry that styling brighter colours will result in a clashing and busy room, experts suggest embracing the eclectic nature of dopamine decor. Tom Revill says: ‘With dopamine decor, almost anything goes – even if it clashes aesthetically.’

Some Dopamine Decor Inspiration


Green kitchen by Astrid Templier

Green kitchen (c) Astrid Templier


Terracotta living room by Mike Garlick

Terracotta living room (c) Mike Garlick


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