What is Japandi? The Interiors Trend You Need to Know About

By Sofia Tindall

9 months ago

Why we should all be embracing Japandi in our interiors this Autumn

Love Scandi chic? (who doesn’t?). Get ready for its latest iteration: Japandi. 

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What is Japandi?

What do you get when you cross the vogue for interiors influenced by Japan with the perennial popularity for all things Scandi? Japandi, of course. Fusing principles of minimalism, neutral colours and natural materials, Japandi is an interiors trend that takes the best of both styles for an aesthetic that’s sleek, modern and bang-on-trend for 2023. Think low-profile furniture, polished wood, cloudy colour palettes, and simple, effortless spaces designed around living. Ready to bring a little Japandi style into your own home? Here’s how…

a wood clad Japan meets Scandi interior, included in the book: Japanese Interiors

House in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, Arbol, 2019. Image credit: Photo © Yasunori Shimomura. From Japanese Interiors, Published by Phaidon. 

Japandi’s Key Themes

  • It’s all about minimalism. So clear the clutter.
  • Bold lines are king.
  • Think about light, expansive spaces.
  • Wood is good. You’ll often find a wood-clad interior that soothes the surroundings.
  • Biophilia is best. Let the outdoors in the space as much as possible. This can mean floor to ceiling glass statement pieces.
  • Swerve any kitschy colourways: it’s all about a subtle colour palette.

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How to tap into the Japandi trend

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Main Image: Peninsula House, Kanto Region, Mount Fuji Architects Studio, 2018. Image credit: Photos © Kenichi Suzuki. From the book: Japanese Interiors, Published by Phaidon.