Meet The Interior Designers: Maddux Creative
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Meet The Interior Designers: Maddux Creative

Colourful, multi-layered interiors, full of depth and detail

Maddux Creative is an entry in our Interiors Book 2023

Maddux Creative: Country & Town Interiors 2023

Founded in 2011 by Scott Maddux and Jo leGleud, Maddux Creative is an interior architecture and design studio based in London, with a satellite office in New York. Jo started her professional career in fashion as an embroiderer and then met Scott in the mid-nineties and bonded over a shared love of colour, fashion and music – something that led to the creation of Maddux Creative in 2011. Their talent lies in their ability to develop inspiring and visually appealing concepts, making sure they work practically with the homeowner in mind. ‘Being predominantly client-led means our work doesn’t follow trends and our projects do not have a repeated narrative,’ says Jo. Having studied architecture, each project Scott works on is forward thinking, spatially considered and unmistakable, each project demonstrates an unscrupulous attention to detail which results in schemes which have a resulting cohesive language. The studio uses textures, form and colours in unexpected ways. 

Maddux Creative

To date, the Maddux Creative team has worked on international residences, with current projects in progress in London and throughout the UK, LA, New York and Geneva. ‘We go out of our way to avoid repeating ideas, so each project is fresh and individual. We also believe in repurposing pieces where possible and encourage clients to invest in future heirlooms,’ says Scott. ‘We strive to create projects with relevance, depth and warmth. It’s not only about what you see, but also what you feel: the power of good design should induce emotion.’ 

The pair believes that colour is integral to the way a space is enjoyed and lived in. ‘Colour can’t be over-planned. It’s instinctual and a response to the surroundings: the location, quality of light, and the site conditions of the building are all huge considerations. It’s also about being open to what is around you,’ concludes Jo. 

Maddux Creative

Tips, Tricks & Tools

  1. ‘Try sourcing vintage lighting. It can often create a big impact in an unexpected way. The perfect accent to a room.’
  2. ‘Consider elevating small spaces using saturated colour or pattern.’
  3. ‘Choose a paint colour you love and try it out on every elevation before you commit to the whole room because the shade will vary in its impact depending on the light.’
  4. ‘Not everything needs to be busy or impactful. Create a visual foil to allow your eyes to refocus on what is significant in the room.’
  5. Consider highlighting architectural details (mouldings, architraves, skirting, cornicing etc) by painting them in contrasting colours or deeper tones to create visual interest of a more graphic nature.’ 

Maddux Creative

Secret Address Book

  • Book: Piero Portaluppi: Between Tradition and the Avant-Garde traces the Italian architect’s modernist approach; there is so much more to this genius than Villa Necchi. 
  • Dining Chairs: Carl Hansen, for craftship and timeless designs ( 
  • Florist: Bunch London is local and beautiful (

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