Revolutionising Home Design: Neptune’s Mission for Longevity and Sustainability

By Emma Love

11 months ago

Beautifully crafted furniture, lighting, and accessories for the whole home

Neptune is an entry in our Interiors Book 2023.

Neptune: Country & Town Interiors Book 2023

Neptune - Interiors Book 2023

In today’s world, throwaway culture prevails all too often. One company taking a real stand against this transiency is Neptune. Longevity is at the forefront of everything it does, from the timelessness of the designs to the quality of the materials and the methods it uses. Antique furniture is a natural inspiration; the retailer is on a mission to make pieces that last for at least 100 years, and antiques have already done just that. However, while Neptune value traditional design principles, they also stay abreast of the latest innovations in modern engineering.

The company’s philosophy is about choosing the right material for the right purpose, whether that’s showcasing the beauty of timber through solid oak or using hardwood plywood to lend designs structural stability. You’ll never find MDF or chipboard in its furniture.

With the aim of becoming the most sustainable home and lifestyle brand by 2030, its production house is powered by energy-efficient heat pumps and recycles as many by-products as possible. Where it can’t make things itself, it uses local suppliers wherever possible to lower its carbon footprint. Partners include Marlborough Tiles, which is based close to Neptune’s Wiltshire head office, and Bristol Weaving Mill, which is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

Reputation is key for Neptune and it offers a cohesive service that extends from the design team to the delivery drivers. With 20 years of design expertise, offering interior design services was a natural progression for the business. The original kitchen design service was soon joined by home design, and it recently launched a colour consultancy.

Today, Neptune has over 30 stores in the UK and Europe, as well as ‘Neptune by’ and partner stores. Here, it is once again
determined to do things differently. Each store is thoughtfully curated to feel like a functional home – somewhere you can relax and seek inspiration.

Neptune - Interiors Book 2023

Tips, Tricks & Tools

  1. ‘A beautifully made, comfortable piece of furniture with the capacity to last for 100 years is the best investment you
    can make for your home.’
  2. ‘Instead of a large artwork, try using four or six pieces and paint a border around them to draw them together.’
  3. ‘When using lighter colours, paint your ceiling the same colour as the walls to make the room feel more open.’
  4. ‘Add dimmer switches to every light and lamp in your home and use bulbs that have a colour temperature of 2700
    kelvin for a well-balanced, warm hue that isn’t too amber.’
  5. ‘Avoid “coordination” and embrace the rogue items in your home. Too much matching can lead to a finished result that looks like a hotel.’

Secret Address Book

  • Tiles: Marlborough Tiles are handmade in Wiltshire using artisanal methods (
  • Light bulbs: Tala’s products are as beautiful as light bulbs can be (
  • Mattresses: Harrison Spinks mattresses are made in Yorkshire, using the finest natural materials (

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