Peek Inside A Crafty House Louise Bradley Designed

By Tessa Dunthorne

9 months ago

Louise Bradley talks about a crafty interior design project

Craft and interior design are inextricably linked. It’s a craft in its own right, and it’s a medium through which many craftspeople find work, as good interior designers work side by side with a quality list of artisans in their work. Tessa Dunthorne caught up with homeware and interior designer Louise Bradley and found out what craft goes into her work. 

Interview With Louise Bradley And Peek Into A ‘Crafty’ Project

interior designer Louise Bradley

Hi Louise, how are you? What are you up to at the moment? 

It’s nice to be back after the summer; it always feels like the start of a new school term full of anticipation with the run up to Christmas. I have just returned from a trip to Paris with some of my team; it’s always good after the summer to come back feeling invigorated with lots of new ideas, we love to visit the antiques and design districts which are always inspiring. The design team and I are working on a number of exciting residential projects worldwide, some of which are installing very soon. We are also developing a new Fabric Collection which brings a fresh perspective to interior textiles and are looking forward to sharing with you all soon.

I wondered if you could tell me a bit about what attracted you to the craft of interior design and architecture in the first place? 

My father, was a designer, he had a huge influence on me and really ignited my interest in the design world. My love of antiques and decorative furniture was honed at an early age, and this naturally led me to the start of my journey as an interior designer focusing on creating beautiful spaces.

You also design fabrics and furniture pieces. How did that happen?

I love all things design and it becomes a natural part of the whole process for me.  To design statement pieces of furniture for our projects utilising the skills of the amazing artisans we collaborate with is so satisfying. To know the pieces will both be unique yet complement our interiors perfectly for our discerning clients is so rewarding . Our Furniture collection in the showroom continues to evolve and this year we are launching our Fabric collection drawn from the fabrics we are always looking for time and time again in our projects, this is what inspired the idea,  a Fabric range that epitomises the Louise Bradley look and feel.

What goes into the craftsmanship behind those pieces (and who are artisans and makers you use)? 

Crafting beautiful and functional furniture requires a considered blend of creativity and craftsmanship. Each piece should stand the test of time, ensuring it not only functions flawlessly but also maintains its elegance for years to come. Artisan-crafted furniture adds character to an interior, making each piece unique. Furniture should seamlessly integrate into a space, enhancing its aesthetic while providing practicality. Refined finishes elevate design which include exquisite veneers, silver leaf or eglomise mirror, often used in our screens or furniture designs. In the world of furniture design, it’s not just about creating pieces; it’s about crafting experiences. It’s about the lasting quality, the unique finishes, and the artisan’s skill that make each piece a statement.

I’d love to hear about a project you’ve worked on that really embodied the idea of ‘craft’ to you?

Set within Regent’s Park, London, we worked on a Grade I listed home that required a delicate fusion of timeless tradition and contemporary living. Our discerning client sought to honour the heritage of the property while infusing it with functionality for modern living. Each room became a canvas for bespoke craftsmanship; Unique, artisan-crafted furniture, meticulously designed for the spaces. The client’s requirements were clear; every element needed to be in harmony with the home’s historic character. Incorporating multiple finishes, such as bespoke wallcoverings, including a Japanese hand-painted tea paper in the study and a parchment finish to the bespoke cabinetry doors in the Drawing room, we transformed this Grade I listed residence into a timeless home.

What are your favourite places to shop for craft and look for craft? 

Beautiful craft is everywhere and there are so many artisans that we have worked with for a number of years, but what is also exciting are the new artisans we collaborate with. Whether it’s woven fabric in UK, bespoke wallcoverings or the craftmanship within our own design studio which I am fortunate to have.

At times we use various artisans for one piece, bringing together multiple crafts and expertise into a single piece of furniture.