Meet The Interior Designers: Studio Indigo

By Emma Love

12 months ago

An interior design studio curating spaces with soul and character

Studio Indigo is an entry in our Interiors Book 2023.

Studio Indigo: Country & Town Interiors Book 2023

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‘Our commitment to design excellence is unwavering, and we infuse each project with personalisation, creativity, and a global perspective’

Studio Indigo is an award-winning architectural and interior design studio specialising in crafting personal and bespoke spaces. Founded in 2005 by architect Mike Fisher, the studio aims to bridge the gap between architecture and interior design, through an approach that emphasises comfort and soulful character. Having a 50-strong team of talented architects and interior designers from 20 different countries means a vibrant working environment that fosters innovation and the exchange of ideas.

The studio has a philosophy that centres around the beauty found in the intricacies of hand-crafted designs. The team strives for a harmonious balance between the outside and inside, seamlessly blending elements of the past with the present to create timeless spaces that tell a unique story. Each project is treated as a distinct journey; a collaboration with clients to encourage creativity, imagination, surprise, and most importantly, fun. Designs are not limited by stylistic constraints but shaped by a curated ethos that embodies its clients’ vision. Mike describes Studio Indigo as ‘a passionate and visionary studio dedicated to transforming spaces into extraordinary experiences. Our commitment to design excellence is unwavering, and we infuse each project with personalisation, creativity, and a global perspective.’ To celebrate 15 years in the industry, the practice has published a stunning book with Vendome Press.

Looking ahead, exciting projects on the horizon include Studio Indigo’s inaugural hotel, the 50-room Mandarin Oriental Mayfair, slated to open this summer. Additionally, the team are nearing completion on several private residences in London, progressing with four superyachts, and working on a private Scottish estate in conjunction with whisky brand The Glenrothes. In the autumn, the studio will also introduce its own product line, in collaboration with hardware manufacturer Joseph Giles.

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Studio Indigo’s 50-strong team of architects and interior designers create truly unforgettable spaces

Tips, Tricks & Tools

  1. ‘If you have small windows, a good trick is to place mirrors in the reveals to make them appear bigger and help bounce light around the room.’
  2. ‘Paint the cornices the same colour as the walls to increase the floor to ceiling height of a room.’
  3. ‘Try to align doors to create vistas across two spaces. This helps increase the sense of space.’
  4. Always create a focal point within your room, whether that is through a fireplace, artwork, or window, to draw the eye in.’
  5. ‘Be bolder and more confident in your design choices. Push the boundaries to create something truly magical.’

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Secret Address Book

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