The New Classic: Sub Zero & Wolf Sets The Standard for Refrigeration Innovation

By Emma Love

11 months ago

Elite, high-performance kitchen appliances, from freezers to wine storage

Sub Zero & Wolf is an entry in our Interiors Book 2023.

Sub Zero & Wolf: Country & Town Interiors Book 2023

Sub Zero & Wolf - interiors book 2023

Founded in 1945 and headquartered in the USA, Sub-Zero, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of refrigeration, freezer, and wine storage products. Specialising in food preservation, the company pioneered the concept of dual refrigeration and prides itself on being the first to store frozen foods at ultralow, ‘sub-zero’ temperatures. In its third generation of family ownership, the privately held firm acquired the residential side of Wolf Gourmet (a specialist commercial kitchen manufacturer) in 2010, becoming Sub-Zero & Wolf. Together, the brand continues its pursuit of bringing best-in-class appliances and beautiful design to homes around the world.

Sub-Zero & Wolf’s mission is to make sure its appliances aren’t only of the highest quality, but also the most energy efficient in the industry. Over 30 of them have already earned the Energy Star rating for outstanding efficiency, meaning they use around 15 percent less energy than non-certified models. In other words, the average Sub-Zero & Wolf product uses less electricity than a 75-watt bulb.

This year, the brand released its newly redesigned ‘Classic’ refrigeration range. The renowned stainless steel, grill-topped refrigerators have undergone an upgrade, incorporating a suite of new innovative features. These include a NASA-inspired antimicrobial air purification system that eradicates ethylene gas and odour every 20 minutes, slowing the rate of food spoilage and reducing food waste; a Split ClimateTM intelligent cooling system that revolutionises Sub-Zero’s already superior preservation capabilities and means food is kept fresher for longer; and Clearsight™ LED lighting which adds light where it’s needed most: overhead, under each shelf, and in each drawer. It also has a touch control panel with easily customisable settings, from lighting to humidity (the ‘party mode’ increases ice production by 40 percent), nano-coated glass shelves with hydrophobic properties that stop spills spreading, and night mode. The latest boundary-pushing launch from this innovative kitchen appliances brand.

Sub Zero & Wolf - interiors book 2023

Tips, Tricks & Tools

  1. ‘Whether you’re a future Bake Off superstar, host with the most, or master mixologist, consider your cooking and entertaining style and what appliances you require prior to engaging with a kitchen designer.’
  2. ‘Choose timeless appliances that will match any kitchen style and transition seamlessly with any future re-design you may do.’
  3. ‘Quality is key so always go for the best appliances you can afford, for a superior cooking experience and greater food preservation.’
  4. ‘Maximise unused space with concealed storage such as a hidden bar, wine cellar, utility space, or boot room.’
  5. ‘Make sure your kitchen extraction is powerful enough to efficiently remove cooking smells and fumes, particularly if you enjoy teppanyaki or cooking with dual-fuel burners.’

Sub Zero & Wolf - interiors book 2023

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