50 of the Best British Places to Buy Furniture From
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50 of the Best British Places to Buy Furniture From

Here's your unofficial cheat sheet

Mind blank on where’s good to buy furniture? Here of 50 of the best places to browse…

50 of the Best Places to Buy Furniture From

Furniture shopping: where do you even begin? There’s lots of balls to juggle in the air: what speaks to you, how you want to express yourself, aesthetics, and how you want to create a certain mood in a room. But then you also have to contend with practicalities, buying furniture during a climate crisis, whether it’s actually going to be comfortable, and of course, whether it’s all within budget. To help you on your way, we’ve listed the 50 go-to places we’re buying our furniture from, and we’ve broken it down further from furniture piece to piece, then from design, affordability, and sustainability credentials.

10 of the Best British Furniture Designers 

an image of a scallop finished lamp bedside table, with a ruffle pillow and kinfolk magazine

Image courtesy of Glassette, glassette.com Instagram: @glassette

The Round Up: Top 50 Places to Buy Furniture

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a purple 70s curved chair in front of a desk, sold by The Conran Store

The Conran Store

BEST FOR: This is more for designer collector pieces that make stunning aesthetic statements, rather than the everyday stocky furniture you’d find from IKEA. But then, why be boring?

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC?  Think big, bold, beautiful 70s curves and colours. If you like Yinka Illori, you’ll like The Conran Store. It’s modern, it’s chic cocooning, it gives 70s James Bond girl interiors.

BUY IT: conranshop.co.uk

PRICE: £££

Four Art Deco reclining chairs in a brutalist space, sold by Punch the Clock, which is an antiques store

Punch the Clock

BEST FOR: Antique investment pieces. You’ll be able to find core, functional pieces here, but of course, all with a designers twist.

WHAT’S THE  AESTHETIC? Furniture that packs an aesthetic punch. Effortlessly cool contemporary statement pieces that also manage to stand the test of time. Their Instagram is an aesthete’s catnip @punchtheclock.

BUY IT: punch-the-clock.myshopify.com

PRICE: £££

The Conker Table by Loaf


BEST FOR: Beds and sofas.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Loaf is a British staple brand for high quality furniture. Loaf is cosy and easy to flop into at the end of the day, but at the same time, any loaf bed tends to look pretty effortlessly chic in any bedroom. Colour palette at Loaf tends to swerve away from anything brash or bold, and leans in more to nature based colours.

BUY IT: loaf.com


a living room with smart table and chair, sold by The Invisible Collection

The Invisible Collection

BEST FOR: Ultra chic furnishings here. The Invisible Collection is more of a curation site for up and coming, as well as established furniture makers, and all the better for it, because who doesn’t love buying independent?

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Expect cocooning, plush sofas, curved tables, and some more elemental earthy wares too, all the good stuff. They stock the likes of Campbell-Rey (more flamboyant, historic, maximalist pieces), and House of Léon (emphasis on woodwork, and craftsmanship).

BUY IT: theinvisiblecollection.com

PRICE: £££

A designer modern lamp by Aram

Aram Store

BEST FOR: Swish, trendy office chairs. Mushroom lamps. And if you’re making an investment: sofas.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Scandi-style minimalism meets 70s chic. Emphasis on essential form.

BUY IT: aram.co.uk

PRICE: £££

a minimalistic sofa stands outside next to a cactus, the sofa is sold by Twenty Twenty One

Twenty Twenty One

BEST FOR: Chairs. A go-to for needed basics.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Think good quality core pieces, meets wood Scandi minimalistic design. Twenty Twenty One isn’t about loud brashy peacocking interiors, and more about quiet sophisticated living.

BUY IT: twentytwentyone.com


an image of a scallop finished lamp bedside table, with a ruffle pillow and kinfolk magazine


BEST FOR: Glassette’s great when you’ve bought all your key furniture pieces, and you want to add a bit of flare on the final touches; think of it as the shiny new Millennial jewellers of the interiors world.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? This one’s for the fashion set. Glassette is fun, bright feminine, and bold pops of colour. Anything you order, and you’ll get an instant serotonin boost. If you have a Papier diary for the year, and if you like playful design, Matisse (or all of the above), you’ll almost certainly like Glassette.

BUY IT: glassette.com


a front view of a luxury bed with pillows and cushions on a green velvet headboard by Savoir Beds

Savoir Beds

BEST FOR: Timeless Beds.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Classic, traditional, and completely luxurious. I don’t think it’s possible to have a bad night’s sleep in a Savoir Bed. Even if you have a nightmare, at least it’s done in sheer luxury?

BUY IT: savoirbeds.com

PRICE: £££

a red Swyft corner sofa in a living room with a rug and standing lamp


BEST FOR: Sofas.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? There’s a clean, neutral, quite nature based colour palette with Swyft sofas, making it fairly easy for it to blend with any interiors. What’s important is that they are liveable, and comfortable, so you can kick back and not feel like you’re falling onto a precious sculpture.

BUY IT: swyfthome.com


an interior of a town house with a cream sofa and carpet and tables by Mango Home


BEST FOR:  Easy, non fussy, affordable key basics that blend in.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Think wood, think earthy, nature-based palettes, simplistic design, generally straight forward affordable pieces that you don’t have to think an awful lot about.

BUY IT: made.com


a brown sofa behind a pink wall, by SCP


BEST FOR: Designer pieces.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Think contemporary curved designs. SCP is more objet d’art, than buying anything for a quick fix job. If you like Copenhagen, sleek finishes, minimalism, unassuming luxury, SCP is right up your street.

BUY IT: scp.co.uk

PRICE: £££

a convex antique porthole mirror standing on a chair, sold by eBay


BEST FOR: Literally anything. The more obscure, the better, then set search alerts for it. A treasure trove for beautiful antique pieces, as well as furniture from all the top places that people need to sell, you’ll find a bargain, and save buying new. So always a win, win, but expect that you’ll have to put in time trawling through to find the right pieces, and prices for you.

BUY IT: ebay.co.uk

PRICE: £ to £££, and everything in between.

Max Rollitt

BEST FOR: Those with a particular penchant for world class historic beds

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Think antiques; canopy beds, bespoke orders, anything supremely historic, elegant. Max Rollitt bed frames are certainly not a wallflower. The brand also sells a range of other antiques: think chairs, tables, so on, but beds are their main bread and butter.

BUY IT: maxrollitt.com

PRICE: £££

Navy blue outdoor furniture by The Cotswold Company behind a historic home

The Cotswold Company

BEST FOR: Classic cream British cottage style pieces.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? If you’re looking for the best places to buy furniture, The Cotswold Company is your go to for staple pieces. Think wood panelled, cream, neutral tones that fits into that Britishness cosy cottage. Timeless, easy pieces that aren’t led by trends.

BUY IT: cotswoldco.com


a living room that's cool and contemporary by Monologue, an interiors brand.


BEST FOR: Designer pieces; more conceptual furniture.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? This one’s for the aesthetes, designers, lovers of form and function. The brand is all about platforming emerging designers, so treat furniture shopping here like you would investing in a beautiful sculpture or work of art, because it’s one and the same here at Monologue.

BUY IT: monologuelondon.com

PRICE: £££

a living room full of antiques, including a dresser, armchair, and a table and two chairs in a historic house. The antiques are sold by Lorford Antiques


BEST FOR: Antique furniture.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? There’s a range of aesthetics here according to time periods: stretching from Arts & Crafts to the Rococo movement. But the general aesthetic overarching is one that’s muted, understated, elegant historic antique furniture that’ll be in the home for generations.

BUY IT: lorfordsantiques.com


a wooden side table and a bed with green linen by Sebastian Cox, a furniture maker

Sebastian Cox

BEST FOR: Tables, chairs, armchairs. Beautiful wood craftsmanship for this one. Sebastian Cox is widely regarded as one of the best craftspeople in the UK.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? The emphasis is always on craftsmanship, and reconnecting with nature. Expect always the focus to be on the beauty of the wood being the statement. So minimalistic design, nature-based colours always. One to pass down for the generations.

BUY IT: sebastiancox.co.uk

PRICE: £££

a wooden canopy bed by Soho Home

Soho Home

BEST FOR: Beds, and rugs. Oh, and cushions.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Swish, contemporary beautiful staples for the home. It’s elevated sophisticated designs that wink to their LA cohort (Soho Home is from the global membership group, Soho House).

BUY IT: sohohome.com


a living room with green walls and a cream sofa, that's all from Oka, a furniture brand


BEST FOR: Rugs, wardrobes, the kind of stocky furniture you know you need to buy. Generally most furnishings will be timeless pieces for the house.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Classic, traditional, British, elevated, soft, sophisticated. Furniture here speaks quietly, but will always look chic despite the flurry of brashy trends that come and go.

BUY IT: oka.com


a bathroom interior with blue floral wallpaper and a blue armchair that's designed by Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell

BEST FOR: Armchairs.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Traditionally British, but that doesn’t mean to say dusty. Far from it: Nina Campbell has the most beautifully piped armchairs that will prove an instant serotonin boost to any drab corner of the home. It’s the kind of chair everyone will fight to sit on walking into the living room.

BUY IT: ninacampbell.com

PRICE: £££

a bed with neutral colours by The White Company

The White Company

BEST FOR: Cream, neutral basics for the home. Most likely a farmhouse or cottage.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Think comfortable, beautiful, cosy English farmhouse. Or cottage. The White Company is a classic go to for bedding and towels, but their furniture range is equally as tempting. A great place to get some chic neutral basics that will stand the test of time.

BUY IT: thewhitecompany.com


a blue sofa in front of an historic wall with a beautiful grand painting above


BEST FOR: Sofas. And contemporary light installations.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Ochre arguably is The Row of furniture brands. It’s sophisticated beautiful quiet furnishings will make any living room look like it belongs in any coffee table interior design book. Any sofa or furnishing here can sit side by side a statement contemporary design piece, or grandiose historical antiquity, and people will think you’ve created a genius pairing, unbeknownst to you, of course.

BUY IT: ochre.net

PRICE: £££

a living room with a grey sofa and white rug, with a huge monstera plant in the back

John Lewis

BEST FOR: Affordable basics. Especially in their Any day selection.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? John Lewis is The UK’s go to for more affordable straight forward furniture buying, so don’t expect ultra specific aesthetics with this one. You’ll most likely come across neutrals, soft palettes, comfort, designs that accommodate most living rooms and bedrooms.

BUY IT: johnlewis.com


Image: John Lewis, via @bamaluzhome

The Elio Armchair is a pink and white swirly design, created by Ceraudo


BEST FOR: Artistic Armchairs. Or footstools.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Bright, buzzy, zingy colours that pack a punch that will look effortlessly chic in any kitchen or living room. Ceraudo gives the gingham prints an edge, and ruffles somehow rock n roll. With names like Tish Weinstock, Cobbie Yates, and Greta Bellamacina tied to the brand, you’ll see the fashion-forward appeal before you even see the designs.

BUY IT: ceraudo.com

PRICE: £££

a bedroom with a grey wall and cosy bed with a cream quilted blanket with a window on the left by Urbanara


BEST FOR: Rugs, blankets, curtains. Anything comforting for the home, basically.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Stone colouring, rattan, earthy, nature-based colour palettes, cottagecore, and all the rest of it. If you love hygge, you’ll love Urbanara.

BUY IT: urbanara.co.uk


Photo by @birchcrib

Folk Painted Box Bench In Blue With Pink Flowers sold by The Tolstoy Edit

The Tolstoy Edit

BEST FOR: Antiques. That normally comprises of bed frames, wardrobes, dressers, and beautiful benches that would elevate any entrance hall.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Beautiful statement antique folkloric pieces. Alexandra Tolstoy is a descendant of the famous Russian author, Leo Tolstoy, and weaved into her curations is a nod to the beauty of Russia and it’s countryside.

BUY IT: thetolstoyedit.com


the interior of an artsy living room with curved leather cream and blue sofas


BEST FOR: Second hand wonders. For the knock out statement, unique, furnishings.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? There’s a range: it’s a large second-hand upmarket site. But you’ll come across the following as you trawl through: Ligne Roset sofas, curved contemporary minimalistic designs, but then also historical marvels that are from the 19th Century that are made from dark Mahogany wood. You’ll find yourself thinking: maybe I could place both side by side in my living room, and it might just actually work.

BUY IT: vinterior.co

PRICE: ££ to £££

Image via Vinterior Facebook

a minimalist living room with a cream armchair, wooden stool, and ceiling light made from wood strips, that's designed by Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield

BEST FOR: Sustainable lighting. Some beautiful wooden side tables too.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? The focus is on form. So the craftsmanship of wood. Tom Raffield lighting is catnip for people who love the following: foraging, passionate about climate change, and nature based design.

BUY IT:  tomraffield.com


a living room with an abstract linear painting, cream sofa, and two tables and a chair

1st Dibs

BEST FOR: Vintage one off objet d’arts.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? You don’t go to 1st Dibs for your easy breezy wallflower wardrobes. 1st Dibs is for the interior aficionados, that are hankering to buy works of art that just handily happen to also be furniture. Expect a range of aesthetics: from cool contemporary pieces to historical hits.

BUY IT: 1stdibs.com

PRICE: £££

Image via 1st Dibs Facebook

a cushion with a tiger print on a sofa by Liberty London

Liberty London

BEST FOR: Home furnishings. Think artsy rugs, footstools, cushions. The final touches to accessorise the home.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Come to Liberty’s when you’re looking for that last fashionable finishing touch that will give an air of design. The pieces here tend to be pretty bold, colourful (think bubbly glass candlesticks in purple, maximalist prints, that kind of thing). This one’s for those who love fashion, and want to accessorise their home in just the same way they do in their wardrobes.

BUY IT: libertylondon.co.uk

PRICE: £££

the interior of a kitchen with wooden chairs and table with a wreath suspended overhead


BEST FOR: Dining tables, dining chairs.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Easy furniture that exudes a feeling of calm. Heal’s tends to have curves, comfort and oomph in their sofas, and a classic emphasis on wood and nature with their tables and chairs. This one’s for the sophisticated town house set.

BUY IT: heals.com


a living room with rattan rug and cream sofas by Cox and Cox

Cox & Cox

BEST FOR: British classic staple pieces of furniture.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Think quintessential English homes, clean, comforting neutral pieces that you know will stand the test of time. It’s the kind of furniture pieces you’ll take with you with every house you move from because it will blend seamlessly into any new abode.

BUY IT: coxandcox.co.uk


a bedroom with a swan antique painting with greens and yellow interior decoration by Graham & Green

Graham & Green

BEST FOR: Lamps, rugs, bedside tables.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Graham & Green manages to balance a kind of quirkiness (like a lamp that’s actually a sculpture of a rabbit with a lampshade on it’s head), but also at the same time looks effortlessly traditional and British at the same time. This one’s for interesting pieces that wink to a sense of humour but also British traditions. One for the statement lamps, frames, or intriguing little trinket boxes.

BUY IT: grahamandgreen.co.uk


Ligne Roset Togo Large Settee sold by Narchie


BEST FOR: Second hand steals. This is basically Depop’s answer for interiors (at last).

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? A whole range. But with Narchie, there seems to be a specifically a bold, bright, budget-friendly kind of vibe emerging, since most of the users on the app are Millennials, you’ll begin to see for yourself what I mean. That’s to say: if you like Matisse’s cut out prints, you’ll like Narchie.

BUY IT: narchie.com


Minimalist living room by Pinch


BEST FOR: Beautiful wooden tables.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Pinch is a small British furniture business that let’s the grain of the wood do the talking. If you follow The Modern House on Instagram, you’ll like Pinch.

BUY IT: pinchdesign.com

PRICE: £££

Pooky lamps behind a blue wallpapered entrance hall

Pooky Lamps

BEST FOR: Maximalist, patterned Lamps. And lampshades.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? If you like any of the following: William Morris, the Arts & Crafts movement, reading classic English novels, liberty style maximalist prints, and if you hate overhead glary blue lighting with a passion: Pooky Lamps will be your next obsession.

BUY IT: pooky.com


The Arket Linnea Andersson Blanket


BEST FOR: Scandi style finishing touches.  Nice hygge rugs and blankets. Plus, it’s the perfect place to get a gift for someone who loves interiors as it does a good range of accessorise for the home.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? It’s Scandi cool. So you’ve got emphasis on essential forms, minimalism, monochrome. If you wear Cos, you’ll like Arket’s home section. Their Linnea Andersson leafy blanket has conjured a bit of a cult around it.

BUY IT: arket.com

PRICE: £ to ££

Etsy Stone Lamp


BEST FOR: You may assume Etsy’s just for cards and small bits and pieces from small business, but the platform has really expanded recently to incorporate a wide swathe of up and coming furniture designers.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? There’s a whole range.

BUY IT: etsy.com


a range of colourful bed linen by La Redoute

La Redoute

BEST FOR: Affordable basics.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Ok, it’s not British per se, but we couldn’t not include La Redoute, since it’s a bit of a best kept secret for easy furnishing you don’t really have to think too hard about. Aesthetic is muted pastels, earthy, calm comforting basics.

BUY IT: laredoute.co.uk


a living room with wooden beams and a green sofa from Sofa.com


BEST FOR: Sofas.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? A bridge between the country and town house, sofa.com is a bit of an undisputed classic place to get your sofa, if you want to invest just a little bit more (and it’ll retain it’s value for longer), kind of purchase. It errs away from the flurry of frantic fast trends, and tends to have more of a soft, muted, creamy, calm palette to their designs.

BUY IT: sofa.com


House of Hackney floral armchair and lamp in a field

House of Hackney

BEST FOR: Maximalist statement pieces. Think lavish over the top lampshades, armchairs, and footstools.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? If you love history, snakes, the arts & crafts movement, Victorian ornamentation, myths, or you love to hoard stuff, you will have almost certainly have come across House of Hackney. It’s also good to know that it’s a B Corp brand, so takes sustainability seriously with it’s furnishings.

BUY IT: houseofhackney.com

PRICE: £££

a Beaumont & Fletcher sofa in a light and bright townhouse inteior

Beaumont & Fletcher

BEST FOR: Sofas. And armchairs.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? If you’re thinking of the best places to buy furniture from, Beaumont & Fletcher is an easy win for sofas and armchairs. Think elegant English interiors that lean towards a sophisticated town house kind of set up.

BUY IT: beaumontandfletcher.com

PRICE: £££


Anthropologie kitchen interior with flora wallpaper


BEST FOR: Colourful, quirky basics. Best for getting eye catching funky handles that you can add on to any tired looking wardrobe, that’ll lift the room.

BUY IT: anthropologie.com


chequered print with a salt and pepper pillow sold by Selfridges


BEST FOR: Designer interior accessorises for the home.

BUY IT: selfridges.com


a green chair by David Linley


BEST FOR: Bespoke bookshelves. Velvet armchairs.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC?  Plush, contemporary, strong lines, formal, masculine designs are what probably first comes to mind when thinking about Linley. When thinking about the best places to buy furniture, Linley is a bit of an easy, undisputed classic choice for elegant London town houses.

BUY IT: davidlinley.com

PRICE: £££


A cream sofa by Noho Interior

Noho Home

BEST FOR: Cocooning your home in creams. So think: sofas, armchairs.

WHAT’S THE AESTHETIC? Soft, fuzzy, omph are some of the words you’d use to describe Noho Home furnishings. For those who love monochromatic, cool contemporary curvy finishes (or perhaps those who particularly love that Kim Kardashian style of contemporary cream high net worth cave kind of interiors) Noho Home will have you down to a T.

BUY IT: nohohome.com

PRICE: £££

By Furniture Piece:

Beds: Loaf, John Lewis, Savoir BedsSoho Home

The Statement Bed: Max Rollitt

Sofas: Sofa.com, Vinterior, Loaf, Swyft, SCP, Ochre

The Statement Sofa: 1st Dibs

Armchairs & Chairs: Oka, Sebastian Cox, House of Hackney, Nina Campbell, Linley

The Statement Chair: Ceraudo

Rugs: OurikaVinterior, Piglet in Bed, Oka, Soho Home

The Statement Rug: The Rug Company

By Design:

The Undisputed Go To Classics

A pick of the classically best places to buy furniture, that’ll stand the test of time. These brands tend to swerve past the endless flurry of frantic homeware trends, so worth the investment.

The Swish Fashion-Meets-Interiors Furnishings

‘I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture’. And just like that, unbeknownst to Carrie Bradshaw back in 2010, she forecasted the fashion and interiors fusion movement that’s only been growing since Sex in the City 2 aired in 2010. To help you sift through the endless new collaborations, pop ups, and new extended homeware page popping up on fashion sites, we’d thought it’d be opportune to round up the best places to buy the best fashion-meets-furniture stores around.

colourful armchairs and chairs in greens, yellows, and pinks all by Ceraudo

Image courtesy of Ceraudo

More Affordable Furniture Brands

Getting furniture within reasonable budgeting is challenging. The second-hand market places are your best bet. Since we have an overconsumption issue, you’ll eventually be able to find your dream chair (or sofa) you’ve had your eye on over the years if it’s from a particularly large brand. You can do this on most sites like Gumtree and eBay if you set search alerts. It’s also worth checking out your local car boot and antique shops, as well as the cult classics like Arket.

The linnea Andersson blanket sold by Arket

Image courtesy of Arket

Best for Sustainable Practices

It goes without saying that second hand stores are your go to if you’re getting increasingly conscious of how you’re consuming. But if if you’re in the market with buying new, a brand like Sebastian Cox has exemplary sustainability credentials.

Best Online Antique Stores to Buy from

Featured image: The Invisible Collection, theinvisiblecollection.com


Best of British Furniture Designers / Best British Textile Designers