The Prettiest Candles & Candlesticks for your Dinner Party

By Charlotte Rickards

2 years ago

Game, set, match

Look no further, here’s our definitive round-up of the prettiest candlesticks and candles for every occasion

10 of the Prettiest Candlesticks & Candles

Whether you’re tablescaping for a brunchy birthday party, or you’re after a noble steed for your working from home desk to keep you company, we’ve got you covered. For this summer, we’re especially looking at glass statement piece candlesticks (Issy Granger, Anna + Ninna, and Narchie are your best bet) but if scent is king for you, opt for a Diptyque Tubéreuse Candle. 

On our tablescape mood board, we’re all about candlesticks that serve some dopamine-fuelled pops of colour, designs that err on the side of frivolous, and preferably, all collected together in a beautiful magpie mismatch of traditional and fresh contemporary design.

Issy Granger x Olive & Co. The Dotty Glass


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