10 Stylish Toy Storage Solutions
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10 Stylish Toy Storage Solutions

...We can’t guarantee they’ll be the ones doing the tidying

Looking for stylish toy storage solutions? Keep their nursery neat and tidy with our pick of the best toy chests, boxes, cupboards and more. 

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10 Stylish Toy Storage Solutions

Alligator basket, £39.95, Pottery barn kids

alligator storage solution

Toy Bag, £40, Amara

Amara Storage Bag

A no brainer for playrooms for scooping up all sorts of lego bricks and dressing up costumes. Sage green is a brilliant earthy tone to add a touch of cosiness too.

Toy Basket Shop Theme, £55, Trouva

Toy Basket Shop Theme

Lovers of cottagecore, this one is for you. These baskets stack up beautifully together that help you organise the chaos.

Storage bag, £35 Kidly

Play & Go Storage Bag

This will easily become your most practical bag. Simply open it up, throw the toys strewn across the floor in, and use the drawstring to tie it together. It also works as a playmat.

Custard & Crumble Tidy Books Box, £79Custard & Crumble book boxKeep your children’s books in order with this sweet book box from Custard and Crumble.

Personalised Wooden Toy Chest, £749, Make Me Something Special

Personalised Wooden Toy Chest

This hand-made oak toy chest is a really sturdy personalised piece to finish off any nursery or playroom. Have an inscription on the front face, lid and/or inner lid to add a finishing touch.

Gold toy box, Circu, £POA

Gold Toy Box Circu

This tongue and cheek gold toy box is a fun addition to any playroom. With plenty of storage space and an additional pull out drawer, this box is sure to come in handy.

K&H Designs

K&H Designs

We love this ingenious storage-cum-sleeping idea from K&H Designs; sophisticated yet entirely practical and somewhere the littles ones will love to nod off.

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