Bromley High Gains All Steinway Accreditation

By School House

7 years ago

The independent school is the first all-girls school to be accredited

In September, Bromley High is going to become the first all-girls school in the world to receive the All Steinway School accreditation.

Bromley High All Steinway

This accreditation is given when a school provides Steinway pianos for use in all practice and performance spaces. 

Pupils were present at the selection of their Steinway Concert Grand Model D. The girls were joined by renowned concert pianist Joanna MacGregor OBE. The musician is both a Steinway artist and an alumna of a GDST School. Ms Macgregor helped the school choose a magnificent model D that arrived especially from the Hamburg factory for the occasion.  

By becoming an All Steinway School, Bromley High’s students will have the opportunity to attend masterclasses given by Steinway artists. They will also be able to perform themselves at Steinway Hall. 

‘Our educational philosophy values the creative arts very highly,’ explains headmistress Angela Drew. ‘We have demonstrated our commitment to the arts not only by investing in these beautiful instruments but in additional staffing. This has enabled the Bromley High Music department to enhance the musical opportunities available to pupils in local primary schools.’

Caroline Daniel, director of music at Bromley added: ‘Joanna MacGregor is inspirational. We all came away from the experience wanting to up our practice and aim higher. It was such a privilege to hear her play and discuss the different tone qualities of these beautiful instruments. It is incredibly exciting to become the first all-girls’ school to gain the Steinway accreditation. I very much look forward to not only our girls embarking on a first class musical journey, but ensuring that other local young musicians can benefit from this.’

‘I felt very privileged to be a part of this special opportunity,’ said Bromley High girl Tumai Ogunyemi. Fellow classmate Joanna McGregor added, ‘the opportunity to play on Steinways and to meet Joanna McGregor is one I will always remember.’ Meanwhile, pupil Miranda Fitzpatrick noted, ‘it was a great experience to see the Steinway pianos in the workshop and to play on a selection of them. Learning about how the pianos were made in the workshop was the highlight of my day.’

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