Packing List: Everything You Need For Duke Of Edinburgh

By Anoop Bhuller

4 weeks ago

Prepare early and avoid the last-minute stress

Are your kids about to head off on their Duke of Edinburgh expedition? Don’t underestimate the amount of preparation needed, it’s always useful to get a head start on preparing all the essentials.  

Content Manager and outdoor specialist at Go Outdoors, Natalie Byrne, says: ‘Having the right equipment will help keep them safe and comfortable, enhancing their enjoyment of the experience whilst providing parents with peace of mind during their time away from home.’

Pack the essentials early for Duke of Edinburgh (Image: Pexels)

Pack the essentials early for Duke of Edinburgh (Image: Pexels)

What To Pack


This one goes without saying, make sure to plan in advance how many people will be sharing tents so you can ensure it’s the correct size.

Rucksack & liner

Make sure to buy a suitable sized rucksack – you don’t want to be dragging around extra weight if it isn’t absolutely necessary. Adding a liner will help to keep your kit dry and protected.

Sleeping bag & mat

Of course a sleeping bag is essential, make sure the material of your bag is suitable for the weather conditions and a good-quality mat will provide added support and comfort to your back. Experts at Go Outdoors said: ‘These should be packed at the bottom to distribute weight evenly.’

Walking boots 

Probably one of the most important items, finding the right boots that will support your feet is essential. If you have bought new boots, remember to wear them in well before leaving for the expedition.

Take comfortable boots that are worn in (Image: Pexels)

Take comfortable boots that are worn in (Image: Pexels)

Coat or Jacket

It’s worth taking a coat for the colder evenings or if high winds are likely. If there could be a chance of rain, definitely pack a light waterproof coat.


An essential for evenings at the campsite.


Can be used to communicate with others in an emergency.

First Aid Kit

This a must-have in case anyone gets injured. Plasters are essential as it is likely some may get blisters during the walk.

Food & water

Pack a reusable water bottle and some small snacks for when energy levels need to be boosted. 

Tent in a field

Get prepared early for Duke of Edinburgh (Image: Pexels)

Plates & cutlery

One plate, a small bowl and cutlery will be needed for your meals at the campsite. Try and find ones that are light-weight.

Wash kit

When showers aren’t available, a wash kit is essential. Pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and suncream.


While walking in the rural countryside it is useful to have a manual watch in case your phone battery gets low. This will help the team keep on track and ensure you arrive at camp before dark.


In the case of an emergency, it’s a good idea to have a small amount of cash on hand.

Another top tip – make sure to spend time practising packing and unpacking your rucksack. Ensure that the items you will need access to most frequently are packed at the top of the rucksack or in the side pockets.

Remember, everything you take will be on your back so be careful not to overpack!