Head of Parsons Green Prep Discusses Wellbeing & High Achievement

By Anoop Bhuller

1 month ago

Dr Pamela Edmonds shares some valuable insights

Dr Pamela Edmonds discusses promoting children’s wellbeing and high achievement at Parsons Greens Prep School.

I have gained considerable experience in 3-18 independent and international schools over three decades. This knowledge corroborates, for me, the link between children’s wellbeing with their propensity for learning, attainment and future happiness. Schools that are emotionally literate and integrate children’s wellbeing in their school effectiveness strategy prioritise the need to understand children’s emotional and physical health priorities over time. 

Parsons Green Prep School

Parsons Green Prep School

These schools are consequently well placed to identify the causes of poor mental health in young people. With developments in AI technology, increased use of social media platforms, and high stakes entrance examinations, children’s self-esteem and resilience need to be maximised to enable them to navigate daily challenges and to live happy and fulfilling lives. 

Schools, such as Parsons Green Prep (PGP), that are able to flex and contextualise their provision, as a stand-alone single proprietorial school, are able to secure decision-making that is child-centred and reflects the school’s specific context for effective promotion of every child’s wellbeing in their care. Maximising attainment requires the highest quality teaching and an all-encompassing, relentless, focus on pupils’ emotional wellbeing

Outdoor fun at Parsons Green Prep

Outdoor fun at Parsons Green Prep

At PGP we balance academic pursuits with play, delivered in a fun and meaningful way, in a well-resourced learning environment. For instance, we ensure that the children have time to curl up with a book to read, play chess, attend mindfulness sessions, debate contemporary issues, participate in the myriad of music, drama, sports, poetry, enterprise and STEAM events. 

We also put value on the range of nutritious dishes, fruits and vegetables that cater for their dietary requirements at lunch. We always ensure there are trusted adults to talk to, including the school’s mental health first-aiders. The children must be involved in the school’s decision-making process to ensure the school’s provision meets their developing needs and aspirations. At PGP there are an array of listening tools to ensure that the school responds to pupil’s initiatives to enable whole school improvement. 

Our excellent track record of successful transitions to senior schools reflects a robust approach, often described as stress-free. This involves a wide-ranging programme of emotional support for each child, the highest quality of teaching, and bespoke tailored  preparation for the 11+. I am proud of our reputation as an emotionally literate school that prioritises children’s wellbeing for effective, happy, learners who strive for high achievement.