Trinity School Share How Their Bursaries Shape A More Inclusive Future
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Trinity School Share How Their Bursaries Shape A More Inclusive Future

Trinity School share how their bursaries provide an outstanding education while shaping a more diverse and inclusive future

Trinity School in Croydon is an independent boys’ school with a thriving co-educational Sixth Form. It is part of the John Whitgift Foundation whose legacy was to educate and care for the people of Croydon. As such, the Foundation is one of the largest bursary providers in the country.

Trinity has a long history of supporting talented students from all backgrounds through various free, funded and assisted places over the years. Bursary provision unlocks access to an outstanding education for families who lack the means to pay fees but whose children are at risk of not fulfilling their potential.

This is particularly relevant in Croydon, one of the most socially and economically diverse of the 32 London boroughs, where the difference in educational outcomes is stark. Only 11%* of Croydon students receive the grades to go on to a Russell Group University. Taking up a place at Trinity increases this opportunity to 93+% (*five-year average).

At Trinity, we are committed to disrupting the pattern of structural and social inequality through bursaries, and there are many reasons this is important: it promotes diversity in the study body, ensuring it is more reflective of the world around us, and this helps foster a culture of inclusiveness; it encourages social mobility which benefits not only the individual students, but also their families and the broader community; and it removes financial barriers ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed; when diversity increases at schools like Trinity, it can only have a positive effect on diversity in the workplace too. 

In essence, the bursary programme becomes intrinsic to our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) programme, a key priority for the school.

However, there is increasing demand for our bursaries, exceeding available resources. The success of Trinity’s partnerships with local state primary schools – providing younger children with access to academic, music, sports and co-curricular activities – has made Trinity more accessible to families who may not previously have considered it an option. This is a genuine success story for Trinity, placing us at the heart of our community. 

The Trinity Bursary Fund relies on the generous donations and legacies pledged by our community: alumni, parents and staff. Support for our bursary fundraising becomes critical if we are to achieve our EDI goals. Collectively, we can embody the role of agents of change in shaping a more inclusive future.

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