What Is A Circular Blazer?

By Anoop Bhuller

2 weeks ago

The new sustainable school blazer

School uniform supplier David Luke Ltd has created a ‘circular blazer’ which is recycled through Project Re:claim.

Project Re:claim is a polyester recycling plant that opened in January this year by The Salvation Project and Plan B. It’s considered to be the first plant of its kind in the UK.

David Luke Ltd has been manufacturing sustainable uniforms for over a decade, up until 2023 using plastic bottles for their eco-blazer. Now, they feel it’s the right time to go circular. A recycled blazer can be used to produce polyester pellets, which are then spun into yarn to be used for a new blazer.


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Why Is A Circular Blazer Important?

Reduced waste – By using recycled polyester, David Luke Ltd are reducing the amount of waste within the manufacturing process. This is a necessary change within the fashion industry as often clothing production can result in a huge amount of wasted materials.

Saves resources – New clothing is made using water and oil, therefore by using recycled materials David Luke Ltd will save resources that can be used by future generations.

Increases sustainability – Re-using materials reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry, as the carbon footprint on recycled items will be lower.

Improves Social Conditions – It will help reduce the impact on social communities that live near textile waste disposal areas. Fewer materials will end up in landfills, instead being sent to places they can be repurposed.