Student’s Product Hits the Shop Shelves

By School House

7 years ago

A Year 8 pupil at King Edward's School, Bath, is having his product sold at two different locations in the city

Josh Moir’s model of the Roman Baths is now on sale at the historic site’s shop, as well as the Visit Bath tourist office.

Roman Baths Model King Edwards School

The King Edward’s School was inspired to create the product after a school trip to the Roman Baths two years ago. He believed there was a gap in the market for brick built models of historic sites and set to work designing and producing the model, liaising with manufacturers and design agencies along the way. When the product was finished, he pitched it to local retail outlets across the city.

The teenager’s mini baths, made from micro blocks, were manufactured in China by Wise Hawk before Bath-based Ice House Design helped with the final touches.

In an interview with the Bath Chronicle, Josh said: ‘I went on a school trip to the Roman Baths and I saw there were visitors from all over the world and I was surprised there wasn’t a building block of it. So I went through a process of designing it and found a manufacturer in China. We worked with them on the actual design and we went into co-operation with the Roman Baths to make it historically accurate.

I designed the box and sent it off to this manufacturer in China and they helped us turn it into an actual computer-generated design and we worked with Ice House Design, a locally based Bath design company, and they did the finishing touches on my design to make it look professional.’

Retail service manager at the Roman Baths, Judith Zedner, said: ‘We admire Josh’s initiative in creating this building block set.  His thorough research really shows in the product design. We hope that our smaller customers will get a lot of enjoyment from building their own Roman Baths at home.’

Josh is already planning further models of historical sites, including Stonehenge and St Paul’s Cathedral.

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