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Dover College

By Coby F

2 years ago

Dover College

Address: Dover College, Effingham Crescent, Dover, Kent CT17 9RH
Website: dovercollege.org.uk
Founded: 1871
Number of Pupils: 297
Fees: Termly Day Fees £2,575-£5,350; Full Boarding £8,250-£10,500. Weekly boarding is also available.

Ages: 3–18
Head Teacher: Mr Gareth Doodes
Religious Affiliation: Church of England
Entrance Procedure: Non-selective
Contact: Alison Wilson, Director of Admissions 01304 244522
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: By appointment through the admissions team

The Curriculum

Diverse, flexible and a large range of subjects at all levels. Creativity and thinking differently are at the heart of our offer.

Games & The Arts

Performing arts in drama and music are extensively offered outside the curriculum. The games and sport provision is excellent, offering a very wide choice from team to individual sports.

Pastoral Care

Excellent. Our house system has a family feel and our environment ensures no one is lost. Pupils are treated with exceptional care and attention. This is a real strength in the school.

University Places

All pupils who apply gain places at the full range of universities

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

From the junior to the senior school, we pride ourselves on encouraging pupils to think differently, to be ambitious, to develop confidence, to find their passions, and be cared for in an environment that nurtures, supports and sees itself as being focussed on the individual.

Outstanding Characteristics

• Exceptional AI care for each pupil in all aspects of their development

• EAL and IN provision is available of the highest order

• Pupils are encouraged to think differently

• A huge range of academic subjects are offered

• A large extra-curricular offer is available

• Pupils are confident but not arrogant