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Fulham Prep School

By School House

2 years ago

Address: 200 Greyhound Road, London W14 9SD.
Website: Fulham.school
Founded: 1996
Number of Pupils: 430
Fees: (termly) £6,818
Ages: 7-13
Head Teacher: Neill Lunnon
Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational
Entrance Procedure: Assessment and interview
Contact: Clare Beckwith, Head of Admissions
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: By appointment but regular tours around the school every other Wednesday.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is broad and balanced, equipping all children with the necessary skills to face the challenge of 11+ and 13+, ensuring each individual is well placed after Fulham Prep. We keep a close eye on the requirements of senior schools and while many children may wish to continue to Fulham Senior, we believe every child should find their own path.

Games & The Arts

Football, cricket, rugby, netball, rounders, gymnastics, athletics, basketball, hockey, tennis and swimming are all offered. There are regular fixtures against other schools. Public Speaking & Drama forms part of the curriculum.

Pastoral Care

In first two years of Fulham Prep, children are taught by form teachers. This relationship is at the heart of the individual attention and care given to all pupils. From year five onwards, pupils have specialist lessons but begin and end each day with form tutors who ensure a continuity of well-informed care and support.  A full programme of personal development lessons and assemblies is in place and pupils are also individually supported with any difficulties they may be experiencing.

Recent Scholarships

Scholarships available for talented Academic, Sports, Music and Art students.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

Learning is life’s greatest adventure and we want every child to arrive each day with a sense of joy, excitement and wonder at what lies ahead. School should be fun and our innovative curriculum, relaxed and happy ethos and excellent teachers, offer just that, in and beyond the classroom.

Outstanding Characteristics

  • A family atmosphere, full of fun, generosity and consideration.
  • Down-to-earth and supportive of every pupil’s learning and achievements.
  • Local co-educational through-school not distorted by artificial and heavily-tutored selection or overly narrow set of educational outcomes.
  • A distinctive curriculum and fresh approach that aims to provide a genuine alternative.