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Highfield & Brookham Schools

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3 years ago

Address: Highfield Lane, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7LQ
Website: www.highfieldandbrookham.co.uk
Religious Affiliation: Church of England
Founded: 1907
Number of Pupils: 470
Ages: 2-13
Fees: From £4,550 per term
Headteacher: Suzannah Cryer
Entrance Procedure: Highfield and Brookham is broadly non-selective and takes pupils with a range of abilities, which we believe is an essential element of our strength and gives our school great character. Children generally need to be of national average academic ability, but the ‘whole child’ is always considered. Our admissions process is designed to identify pupils who will benefit from our balanced and well-rounded education and make a positive contribution toward school life. For children moving from other schools, the emphasis is on their performance and conduct at their current school and the comments of their headteachers. We like to offer all children a trial day so they can get a feel for us and us for them. There are no formal written assessments. Early registration is recommended.
Contact: Charlotte Cottrell, Admissions Registrar
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Open Mornings are held termly and personalised visits are always available. Visits can be booked at www.highfieldandbrookham.co.uk/visit

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The Curriculum

At Highfield and Brookham, we provide a coherent academic journey right the way from Nursery through to Year 8. Children experience a dynamic, seamless and rich education based on experience and robust research delivered by passionate teachers in an inspirational setting. We believe in the importance of developing essential skills which support children socially, increase their learning outcomes and enhance their career opportunities. We teach eight essential skills: Listening, Speaking, Creativity, Problem Solving, Staying Positive, Aiming High, Leadership and Teamwork with just the same rigour as academic subjects.

Games and the Arts: Our teaching looks beyond the core curriculum to skills learnt through a diverse range of co-curricular activities. We encourage children to find their passion, something they truly enjoy, and watch them flourish as they learn and develop new skills doing something they love. Sport is an integral part of our school life. The youngest children develop their fundamental movement skills and physical literacy and as children progress through the school, they build on these essential skills and acquire the more complex physical skills required for successful competitive sport. In drama, we stage a production for every year group, right from Nursery every single year and in music, children enjoy weekly music lessons and plenty of opportunities to perform in a variety of weekly, termly and annual concerts for covering different music genres and themes. Our fantastically well-equipped Art Studio is an encouraging and inspirational environment and our DT Studio is a hive of creativity as the children explore, share ideas and work on designs.

Games & the Arts

At Highfield and Brookham Schools there really is something for everyone. We recognise the importance of sport and the arts as an integral part of education, it supports numeracy and literacy and helps the development of crucial skills for the future.

Pastoral Care

The children’s wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do and keeping your child safe and ensuring they are happy at school is our biggest priority. We pride ourselves on our exceptional pastoral care, our integral learning support department and our first-class medical centre. These three elements are fundamental for ensuring your child is truly happy at Highfield and Brookham. We have no doubt that when your child’s physical and mental health are at their peak they learn best. We are here with them, and you, every step of their educational journey ready to catch them if they ever fall.

Recent Scholarships

45 scholarships awarded in the last three years to a diverse range of senior schools including Marlborough, Wellington, Cranleigh and Charterhouse and range from academic and art to sport and music.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

There is something truly special about Highfield and Brookham. Small enough to honour the individual and big enough to provide an exceptional academic experience, we provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages creativity, growth and a thirst for learning. With a stunning 175-acre site, we have exceptional grounds as well as inspirational facilities that allow children to really spread their wings and fly. Our curricular and extra-curricular activities provide children with a remarkable array of opportunities to apply their learning practically and meaningfully and equip children for a world that demands adaptability, resilience and a lifelong love of learning. It’s a strong, supportive environment where children have the space to breathe and the support they need to thrive. We take pride in creating an environment where children know that they belong, find areas they love, and contribute to a community that cares.

Outstanding Characteristics

  • 175 acres of glorious grounds in the South Downs National Park, on the borders of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex yet just an hour from London.
  • We really are the only true independent day and boarding pre-prep and prep school for many miles. Our strong sense of togetherness stems from not being answerable to a senior school or trust.
  • We offer our families choice and prepare children for a diverse range of senior schools, from the very best national boarding to top local day schools. We have a flawless record of securing entrance to a child’s chosen Senior School whether that is at 11+ or 13+.
  • We place great importance on children understanding their place in the wider community and to find the part that they will play in society and as global citizens.
  • Enviable facilities including full-sized Astro, extensive natural playing fields, indoor swimming pool, DT Studio, three specialist science labs and a theatre.
  • Our very own woodchip biomass provides all of our heating and hot water. We are making every effort to become carbon neutral.