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Milbourne Lodge

By Coby F

2 years ago

Address: Milbourne Lodge, 43 Arbrook Lane, Esher, Surrey KT10 9EG
Website: milbournelodge.co.uk
Founded: 1912
Number of Pupils: 235 (191 boys, 44 girls)
Fees: Pre-Prep: £3,615–£3,760. Prep: £4,130–£4,500.
Ages: 4–13
Head Teacher: Mrs Judy Waite
Religious Affiliation: Church of England
Entrance Procedure: Entry to pre-prep non-selective. Admissions test for prep school.
Contact: The registrar, 01372 462737
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Open Morning 5 May.

The Curriculum

A broad and challenging curriculum, taught by specialist staff, enables pupils to excel at all examination levels: 11+ pre-testing, Common Entrance and scholarship. It is also designed to engage each and every child in the excitement of learning and to motivate them to realise their full potential.

Games & The Arts

Sport is played every day in the beautiful grounds with quality games coaching, regardless of ability. There are excellent art and IT departments which work closely together on many projects. Also a variety of extracurricular activities.

Pastoral Care

Tutor system ensures a close eye is kept on each child’s development. Emphasis on developing confident individuals who know the importance of good manners and respect for others at all times.

Senior Exit Schools

Charterhouse, Epsom College, Eton, Hampton, St Paul’s, Tormead, Wellington, Westminster

Recent Scholarships

Charterhouse, Godolphin & Latymer, Hampton and Uppingham.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

At Milbourne Lodge we pride ourselves on our traditional values, combined with a modern and energetic outlook. We are ambitious for all of our pupils and as a long standing school with a rich heritage, we celebrate the pursuits and qualities which make us ‘uniquely Milbourne’.

Outstanding Characteristics

Exceptional scholarship and CE track record. Over 100 academic scholarships to Eton, St Paul’s and Winchester in the past 25 years. Small class sizes and a tremendously dedicated and experienced teaching staff. Daily bus from SW London.