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Sunningdale School

By Coby F

2 years ago

Address: Dry Arch Road, Sunningdale, SL5 9PY
Website: www.sunningdaleschool.co.uk
Founded: 1874
Number of Pupils: 110 boys
Ages: 7-13
Fees: (termly) Boarding £10,190 – £11,690; Day £7,970 – £9,470
Head Teacher: Mr Tom Dawson
Religious Affiliation: Church of England
Entrance Procedure: Non-selective. Offers based on meeting the Headmaster and a reference from current school.
Contact: Susannah Knight
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Visits are individual with a tour of the school and a meeting with the Headmaster.

The Curriculum

Academically rigorous. High academic standards but cater for each boy as an individual. Learning support available. The Sunningdale way is to set academically rather than by age, but taking into account social factors. Progress is assessed weekly.

Games & the Arts

90 minutes of sport every single day. Sunningdale has a thriving Music department with 80% of boys learning at least one musical instrument. A whole-school musical is produced each year and the Art department puts on a large exhibition annually.

Pastoral Care

With only 110 boys in the school, staff have the time to get to know each boy individually. With an average class size of only 10-12 boys, they can really reach their full potential. Boys full board but have the option to enjoy Saturday night at home. Focused, individual attention provided by the staff alongside the outstanding tutor system and mental health awareness initiatives all add to the warm cosy homely feel.

Recent Scholarships

Academic & Music Scholarship to Harrow, Music Scholarship to Eton and an all-rounder (Roxburgh) to Stowe for 2023.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

Sunningdale places a strong emphasis on kindness – it is the one thing that the Headmaster really looks for in a boy. Mr Tom Dawson: ‘I’m looking at what makes a boy’s eyes light up…all I really want to see is that they’re a boy who will take part.’

Outstanding Characteristics

Sunningdale is the country’s leading family-run boys’ boarding prep school and will be celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2024. It has been in the Dawson family since 1967 and the unique homely atmosphere is what sets the school apart. Being a small school, it is the individual attention which allows the boys to flourish and be themselves. The school’s values of kindness, courage, honesty, self-discipline, resilience and zest for life also play a significant role in creating a supportive and inclusive environment. The level of care given to each boy is unrivalled and the school prides itself on getting to know the boys incredibly well. This allows them to help the boys secure their place at some of the top senior schools in the country.