Address: Tudor Hall, Wykham Park, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 9UR
Number of Pupils: 
Termly fees from September 2022 Boarding, £13,950; Day, £8,400
Head Teacher: 
Ms Julie Lodrick
Religious Affiliation: 
Church of England
 11+ assessment takes place during the Autumn Term of Year 6, one year prior to entry. 13+ assessment takes place in the Spring Term of Year 7, 18 months prior to entry. 16+ assessment takes place in the Autumn Term of Year 11, one year prior to entry. 
Daniel Roberts, Registrar
[email protected]
School Visits:
Please call 01295 756259. In the meantime, please take a virtual tour of the school at

The Curriculum

Girls study a range of subjects taught by teams of specialist staff. 

Years I to III at Tudor Hall provide a broad curriculum offering a wide range of subjects. By Year IV, pupils will begin to develop areas of specialisation and interest, reducing the number of subjects studied and studying chosen subjects in greater depth.  

There is no easy answer as to how subject choices should be made, but generally, subject choices should be those in which there is an interest and in which strengths lie. If there is a particular career in mind, it is advisable to consult the Careers Department for advice on required subjects and to avoid imbalances which could prevent entry into particular courses at university level.  

Games & The Arts

Our aim at Tudor Hall is to get the best out of every pupil. We focus on harnessing their intellectual, physical and creative potential as well as developing their emotional and spiritual awareness. Our diverse and broad co-curriculum allows each girl to be treated as an individual and to follow her own pathway to success.  
Experience shows that a well-balanced combination of academic and co-curricular learning increases the willingness to take risks, improves social interaction, develops resilience, boosts confidence and enhances leadership skills. It is these valuable ‘soft skills’, learnt through practical application in the co-curriculum, that will prepare pupils and allow them to thrive and flourish in their future life in the globalized world in which we live.  

Pastoral Care

Whether your daughter would be a full boarder or day girl, at Tudor the aim of our pastoral care is to help your daughters develop into grounded young women with the self-respect to become all that they want to be and the resilience to withstand the pressures of modern life and face the challenges that come their way head-on.  

So, how do we do that? By working together as a team. 

The team consists of the staff, the girls and their parents. They all have an equally important role to play.

The tutor and housemistress, supported by the nurses, the chaplain, counsellors and other staff, make up the pastoral team. Their aim is to provide a safety-net around the girls so they feel confident to take responsible risks, so that they might grow. We constantly encourage them to step up to challenges rather than away from them, whilst providing them with a safe environment to do so. We are acutely aware of the challenges involved in transitioning to a new school but being in small tutor groups, with a tutor who quickly gets to know them, helps enormously. New girls also have a Keeper and an older girl as a buddy to help them settle in, as well as House Staff, who run a programme of specially designed activities. 

University Places

Tudor Hall students achieve outstanding A-level results with all students achieving excellent outcomes and going on to a range of top universities. 

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

Tudor Hall is exceptional and unique in so many ways. It is a thriving, vibrant, full boarding school with an integral day community for girls aged 11 to 18.

Academic excellence is achieved through a wide-ranging curriculum that enables girls to broaden their horizons, exceed their potential and provides the foundation for them to speak their minds, take intellectual risks and believe that anything is possible.  Our Aim Higher programme affords all the girls a range of academic opportunities beyond the classroom, allowing them to pursue their intellectual curiosity whilst developing psychological and physical resilience.  The girls are ambitious and determined to make the most of the many opportunities in school and further afield.  At Tudor, pupils are selected not just on their academic ability but also on their personal strengths.  Having grown up in an environment where their individual interests and talents are nurtured, girls emerge as poised, confident and articulate young women.

As I join Tudor Hall this year, I have been struck by the way in which the whole community lives out the school motto ‘Habeo ut dem’, I have that I may give.  There is genuine care for those within the school, as well as those in the outside world.  The girls are impressive in their articulation of why Tudor is so special to them. I can absolutely understand that being part of such a close community enables girls to be comfortable in their own skin and empowers them with everything they need to flourish in life.

I extend a warm invitation to you and your daughter to visit us at Tudor Hall and experience this extraordinary school community for yourself.

Outstanding Characteristics

Nestled within the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside in Wykham Park, Tudor Hall offers an unrivaled education that is streamlined to the individual academic and co-curricular talents of each student. Individuality is encouraged and valued, resulting in strong, ambitious and determined young adults with a willingness to ‘Aim Higher’ at each stage of their journey through school. Tudor Hall offers an environment where each girl receives the individual care and support to reach her full potential. 
A plethora of diverse co-curricular opportunities complement the academic provision allowing each girl to find something that can become their passion. Whether a day pupil or a boarder, each Tudor Hall student is immersed in a world of possibilities and opportunities, enabling them to grow personally and academically. They build the foundations for their future, including firm friendships and an understanding of their place in society. They live by the school motto ‘Habeo ut Dem’ (I have, that I may give’). The young women who leave us are confident and ready to embark on the challenges of modern society.