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York House School

By Coby F

3 years ago

Address: Sarratt Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3 4LW
Website: www.york-house.com
Founded: 1910
Number of Pupils: 386
Ages: 3-13 (Nursery-Year 8)
Fees: per term
Years 3 -8       £5,164.00
Year 2             £4,550.00
Year 1             £4,272.00
Reception       £3,876.00
Nursery           £3,509.00 (per term, if attending 5 full days a week)
Headmaster: Jon Gray
Religious Affiliation: Christian values
Entrance Procedure: Tour of the school, registration followed by a successful taster day. We also ask for a child’s latest report.
Contact: Rebecca Courtney, Registrar
Email: [email protected]

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 The Curriculum

We aim to ensure every child can fulfil their academic potential. We design an engaging curriculum that fits the ethos of our school and meets the needs of our pupils.

Games & the Arts

We value a balanced curriculum, providing opportunities for teamwork, creativity and self-expression. Games/PE, Outdoor Learning, Swimming, Drama, Art and Music are delivered by passionate and knowledgeable specialist teachers. Pupils enjoy sports fixtures, performances, concerts and exhibitions to showcase their talents.

Pastoral Care

Self-reliance, Positive outlook, Leaving people and places better; these aims are the York House Way, the culture of what we do and who we are. We strive to ensure that everyone in our community has a happy, inclusive experience where they feel safe and empowered to thrive. We promote a caring environment where children feel valued and are motivated to reach their potential and be the best version of themselves.

Recent Scholarships

St Albans
Merchant Taylors’
St Helens
St Margaret’s

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

Children of Prep School age should be offered a broad and exciting experience with plenty of room for joy, wonder and delight.

We encourage the pupils at York House to be Self-Reliant, have a Positive Outlook and to Leave People and Places better than they find them.

Outstanding Characteristics

With 60 plus acres the school offers an outstanding array of activities. There is a mountain bike track, golf holes and homes for many, many animals. The school is a wilderness of freedom for adventure and provides the necessary support and backdrop for pupils to explore.