5 Wellness Experts To Know Now

By Ellie Smith

4 years ago

The wellbeing figures worth a follow

In the crowded field of wellness, it can be difficult to know who is worth listening to. Instagram is bursting with ‘wellbeing influencers’, yet many lack the credentials to back up their titles. We’ve pulled together the ones who do. Whether you’re looking for advice on sleep habits, gut health or stress, these wellness experts should be on your radar.

The Wellness Experts To Know Now

Best for lifestyle medicine: Dr Rangan Chatterjee


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‘We have over complicated health. I want to simplify it,’ says Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Often billed as one of the UK’s most influential doctors, Chatterjee has almost 20 years of experience working as a GP – yet his approach to medicine is far from traditional. Instead, it’s based around progressive medicine, a concept which stresses the importance of lifestyle factors in overall health. ‘The majority of my patients don’t need a pill, they need a lifestyle prescription,’ he observes. Chatterjee is keen to get his message out there: he’s starred in the BBC’s Doctor in the House, written a number of bestselling books – including the most recent, Feel Better in 5 – and recently worked with the Royal College of GPs to create a course dedicated to lifestyle medicine. He also hosts a podcast, Feel Better, Live More, in which he delves into some of the biggest health issues and questions of our time, from childhood obesity to friendship to brain health. If you’re feeling anxious, his short daily stress-busting routines documented in The Stress Solution work wonders. drranganchatterjee.com

Best for gut health: Dr Megan Rossi


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Gut-wrenching, gut feeling, gut instinct: the gut-brain connection is real. A troubled gastrointestinal tract can send signals to the brain, and vice versa – so if you’ve been having tummy troubles lately, it could be a sign of stress. But gut health is a huge and complex topic, one which has come under the spotlight in a big way in recent years. The name to know here is Australian-born Dr Megan Rossi, known as The Gut Health Doctor on Instagram. Rossi’s interest in gut health developed while working as a clinician, triggered in part by her grandma’s struggle with bowel cancer. Struck by the lack of research surrounding gut issues, Rossi set out to do her own, spending much of her twenties working on her PhD. From her studies, it quickly became clear that the gut was not an isolated organ, but pivotal our overall health and happiness. In 2015 Rossi moved to King’s College in London, where she now works as a research fellow, as well as running her own gut health clinic. There’s no shortage of wellness influencers raving about kefir and sauerkraut, but few with the knowledge and accolades of Rossi. Check out her book Eat Yourself Healthy for an easy-to-digest guide to gut-friendly eating, including advice on common complaints such as IBS and food intolerances. theguthealthdoctor.com

Best for nutrition: Rhiannon Lambert


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With new food fads popping up left right and centre, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to nutrition. Are carbs the devil? Do juice cleanses actually work? Should we all be popping Vitamin C tablets? Rhiannon Lambert is here to help. A registered nutritionist with a private clinic specialising in weight management, Rhitrition on Harley Street, Lambert is dedicated to busting myths surrounding food through evidence-based advice. On her popular podcast Food For Thought, she discusses everything from yo-yo dieting to feeding your newborn (Lambert recently became a mother) with a range of special guests. You’ll find lots of useful advice on Lambert’s Instagram page too, but if you’re keen to delve deeper into your own dietary habits book a one-to-one appointment at her clinic. rhitrition.com

Best for sleep: Dr. Neil Stanley


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Fuzzy head, irritable mood, low concentration – we all know the negative impact of a bad night’s sleep. Research has shown a third of Brits suffer from poor sleep, a figure which has likely been increased by anxieties surrounding the pandemic. If you’re within that bracket, Dr Neil Stanley is your man. An independent sleep expert, Stanley has been researching shut-eye for almost 40 years, having started his career at the Neurosciences Division of the RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine. He’s also Director of Sleep Science at Sleepstation, a provider of digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia – which is freely available on the NHS in England. His book, How To Sleep Well, outlines the science of sleep: how much you really need, what your body does during sleep and the causes behind common sleep problems. thesleepconsultancy.com

Best for breathwork: Richie Bostock


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Breathing is an innate skill, but that doesn’t mean we’re doing it properly. Unlike walking or talking, we were never taught how to breathe – and in modern times, it’s come to light that the majority of us are actually breathing too fast and too shallow. This is where breathwork comes in: the practice of sitting down and focusing on your breath. Sounds simple, but there’s actually a lot to it. Richie Bostock – who you might know as The Breath Guy – helped put it on the map in the UK. Bostock came across breathwork somewhat by accident, while researching potential treatments for his father, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He went on to travel around the world discovering different breathing techniques, learning from modern masters including the famed Wim Hof. You can try out Bostock’s findings at one of his workshops, via digital exercise platform Fiit, or by reading his book Exhale. He regularly shares snippets on Instagram too. thebreathguy.com

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