eBay Teams Up With UK Gamer Alhan Gençay For The Ultimate Sneaker Collab

By Martha Davies

3 weeks ago

Here's your chance to level up your sneaker game

Got a (healthy) obsession with building your sneaker collection? You’ll want to hear about eBay’s new collaboration with gamer, presenter and entrepreneur Alhan Gençay. Here’s the rundown.

eBay X Alhan Gençay: Everything You Need To Know

Alhan Gencay standing next to a stack of sneaker boxes, all against a blue background.

If you’re a self-confessed sneakerhead who just so happens to be a gamer (or vice versa), eBay’s collab with Alhan Gençay is just the thing for you. Celebrating the relaunch of eBay’s ‘In Session With’ series – created to highlight the different interests and hobbies within the UK’s sneaker community – the partnership will see Alhan and eBay host a free immersive gaming event at BRIX London on Tuesday 11 June.

So, how exactly does gaming tie into trainers? All will become clear during the BRIX event, which will encompass a knock-out gaming tournament against Alhan himself. Participants will embark on a quest for sneaker gems, with a range of rare trainers up for grabs from the eBay Authenticity Guarantee service – plus vouchers to spend across the eBay site. The night will also offer the chance to hear Alhan chat with sneakerhead and TikTok star FDfromtheFuture, a representative from female-led collective SneakerSisterhood, and Wahaaj Shabbir, eBay’s UK Sneakers Lead (yes, such a job does actually exist). In an exciting twist, the event will also feature an announcement of a special competition providing further opportunity to win an exclusive prize.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Alhan said: ‘Sneakers and gaming are my two serious passions. Whenever I want some of those super rare bits from both worlds, eBay is my go-to. So this felt like the perfect partnership for me.’

Alhan Gencay sitting in a wooden armchair next to a potted plant and various pairs of sneakers.

The eBay X Alhan Gençay Gaming Event: How To Get Tickets

If you want to nab a spot at the one-of-a-kind event on 11 June, tickets are free – you can reserve them here.

If you can’t make it, there’s still plenty to get excited about, as Alhan has curated an exclusive collection of his favourite sneakers on eBay. Check them out at ebay.co.uk